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How To Generate Free Website Traffic FAST

It goes without saying that if you don't have website traffic, the other components of your web business can't work very effectively. Without eyeballs on your sales letter, you won't make any sales!

There are many ways to generate fast free website traffic, but many of them aren't readily available to the average, lesser-known marketer.

Joint ventures are an excellent way to get tons of others to send you there traffic. However, joint ventures hinge upon relationships/connections, and many of the people with the most traffic have tons of their own products to promote. Those who own large lists are also approached about joint ventures so often that they may have commitments that extend out past six months.

If you do have a large list, getting immediate traffic to your website can be as simple as sending a compelling email. However, it takes time to build a quality list. It also takes time to build strong relationships and trust with your list members.

Another one of my favorite ways to generate lots of free traffic is by creating an inexpensive product and then allowing others to selling it and keep 100% of the profit. However, that does require a product on a really hot topic, and you still have to recruit affiliates.

You are also giving away 100% of the money on the sale (sacrificing early profits), and your goal there is not so much traffic but to build a list. I do often do this, using a script called Rapid Action Profits, which deposits proceed from the sale directly into my affiliates Paypal accounts while adding the new subscriber to my list automatically.

However, for generating traffic that is free, fast, and even long-term, I recommend creating lots of content and putting it in the path of the search engines. In fact, I often do this when I'm launching a new product, or even promoting a new affiliate product. Here are the down and dirty steps that I take:

1) Do your keyword research, striving to identify the "buying keywords" that your target customers are using. One easy way to do that is to use the "Google External Keyword Tool" to research which keywords get the most searches. This tool is free to use, and will also suggest related keywords to you.

What you are looking for is evidence that people are searching on a given phrase, and that those people are spending money. The Google External Keyword Tool will tell you this.

You can also enter a keyword phrase that you plan to target into the regular Google search box, and look at how many Google AdWords ads display on the right side of the page. These are people paying for each click from people who search on that term, and then click through to their sites. Presumably, they wouldn't pay for those clicks unless these customers were spending money.

2) Use your target keywords to craft titles for 20 articles. In addition to the keywords make sure that your title also promises some benefit. The article title is what's going to get you the most traction in the search engines.

3) Actually write those 20 articles. They can be as short as 400 words. If you have trouble writing, go to several of the bigger article directories and read what others have written on the topic. Also Google the keyword and look at what experts have had to say on the topic. Then write the articles.

If you are still stumped, simply plug your mike into your computer and then talk about the topic. Most of us are certainly good at talking. Record your thoughts then go back and organize them and you have an article (or several articles).

Add a resource box to the article that tells the reader to go to your site for more information, or resources (your product) on the topic. When linking back to your site, use your keyword as the anchor text where permitted.

4) Turn each article into a video. The simplest way to do this is probably to put your main points on PowerPoint slides. Then as you read your article, flip through the slides, and record it using Camtasia screen capture software. As easy as that, you have a movie.

5) Turn each article into a podcast (an MP3). Just read the article and record it using software built right into your computer. You can also download free recording software for tons of places on the internet. One of my favorites is Audacity.

6) Write several press releases using the article titles as your topic. Here you need to get a little creative, but as an example, for this article I would use, "Website Traffic Expert Reveals How To Generate Free website Traffic Fast."

These press releases are being written for SEO purposes, so the exact wording is not so critical. You are going to share several point in the press release and then you are going to link to one or two websites that you want to call attention to. Your links will use your keywords as the anchor text.

7) Submit these articles, videos, podcasts, and press releases to article directories, video sharing sites, podcast aggregators, and free press release sites. Since I do this for numerous products and projects, I use an automated submission site. Being a very prolific writer, I have weeks when I may do 20-40 articles (while still running my web business).

8) "Rinse and repeat!" What happens over time is that you'll soon have so much content in cyberspace that you'll achieve critical mass. At that point you'll rank for your most important keywords as well as lots of longtail keywords. At that point, you'll be amazed at the traffic.

To speed up the process you can also post your articles to an optimized WordPress blog that's been configured to "ping" RSS aggregators, social networking sites, and bookmarking sites each time that you post. If you don't know how to do that, it's beyond the scope of this article, but most webmasters familiar with WordPress can set that up quickly for you. WordPress is very simple, yet very powerful.

There you have it, "How to generate free website traffic fast!" Yes, there is work involved, but when you see the results, you'll know that it was well worth it.

Willie Crawford has been marketing online for 13 years, and used article marketing most of that time (writing over 1500 articles). His favorite tools for automatically distributing his articles, videos, podcasts, and press releases is the automated submission site: EasyPushButtonTraffic.com

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