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Get Started Fast And Easy With These Blogging For Dummies Steps

The Internet is buzzing with ideas, comments, and social commentary from people of all ages, and all walks of life. If it were difficult the blogosphere would be pretty empty. For those of you who are still in a quandary over how to get started blogging for dummies is here to help. This is a simple guide to getting started with a blog of your own so that you can share your personal insights, helpful tidbits of information, and comment on the world around you with the world.

Three Simple Steps To Blogging For Dummies

1) Find a platform you are comfortable with.

In order to start a blog you have to find a host that offers the right set up. Unless you know complicated codes and other technical mumbo jumbo you can't start a blog without one. See, I bet you thought you would have to right? Not at all. Blog platforms like blogger.com, WordPress, LiveJournal, and MySpace are the most common and easiest to use systems.

2) Come up with a concept.

Good blogs have a focus that attracts people interested in that particular subject matter. Music, arts, and politics are often attractive subjects that even for dummies just starting blogging. Of course an even simpler method of blogging for dummies is to just have a general blog about everything and anything that comes to your mind at the time you are writing.

3) Come up with a name.

The blogs that get the most attention are ones that have catchy, relevant names for the subject matter you want to blog about.

4) Enter your information to get started.

All of the common blog platforms are set up for blogging for dummies. They require no complicated contortions or a need to insert codes. All you have to do is fill out their simple forms and you are ready to blog.

Start Writing. It really is that simple. Once your forms are filled out you will be prompted to start writing on your new blog.

Is That It?

Yes and no. In a nutshell yes the above steps are all you have to do to get started the blogging for dummies way. You have your blog and you are ready to roll. However, now that you have a blog there are ways that you can make it more attractive and get more attention. Getting attention is what blogging is all about isn't it? So with the next few steps blogging for dummies will show you how to make your blog pretty and get people to come look at it.

1) Remember to Make It Visual:

Blogs that are all words may have a lot of useful information on them but they are boring and hard on the eyes. Visitors to your blog will react more pleasantly and be happy to return for more if you remember to add pictures to highlight your posts as often as possible.

2) Add Informative Links:

Use the blogging platform's control panel to add links to your sidebar that will be of use to your visitor demographics. Not sure who your visitors are? See the next step.

3) Add a Tracker:

Some of the blogs suggested by to help learn blogging for dummies already have a way to track who your visitors are and some do not. Even the ones that do have a way to see how many visitors you have had usually are not very thorough. Adding a tracker like Google Analytics or a tracker from Extreme Tracking can provide vital information about who is reading your pages.

Installing these trackers does require a little bit of coding but have no fear you can still do it the blogging for dummies way. The code is provided for you and most of the blogging platforms have WYSIWYG installation methods for adding codes. (WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get and makes adding codes simple) Find the widget or template areas that say 'add HTML code' and place the code the tracking system gives you there and you are done.

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