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How Do I Promote My First Ebook?

'How do I promote my first ebook?' is the question that will be uppermost in your mind as soon as you have your ebook completed and ready to go.

The first thing you need is a website from which to promote your new ebook. Your site will need a sales page, a download page (this is where you will place your download link that allows customers to download your ebook and save it to their computer), and you will likely need a terms of service page and a contact page too.

Ideally, your sales copy on the sales page of your website will be keyword optimized correctly so that your site has the best chance of being found by the search engines, thus allowing you to make sales of your new ebook yourself.

One of the best ways of promoting an ebook though, is to allow other people to sell your ebook for a commission.

These people will become your affiliates and in exchange for a percentage of the sale, they will be more than happy to drive traffic to your site. This is an important way of boosting your ebook sales as this is traffic that you would not otherwise have had access to.

'How do I promote my first ebook?' is a common enough question to ask, but have you considered that there may be a better question you could be asking yourself if you really want your new ebook to fly?

How about, "How can I get joint venture partners to promote my ebook?" Do you not think that may be a better question to ask yourself?

So what is a joint venture partner?

Well, it is someone who is perhaps recognised as an authority in a particular niche. Often they will have a huge list of subscribers (very often in the thousands) who they will email on a regular basis to talk about things of interest to their subscribers.

So what do you think it would do to your income if you were able to persuade one of these authority figures to become your joint venture partner and to promote your new ebook as one of your affiliates?

It can be difficult to gain the attention of such people as they are usually inundated with people requesting that they promote a new product.

Usually these emails will go unanswered as there are just not enough hours in the day for them to answer these requests.

If they spent time answering such requests they would obviously not have the time to build their own businesses in the first place.

However, if you can find a way to get these experts to listen to your proposal, it can be more than worth the effort that this might entail!

Then the question, "How do I promote my first ebook?", will become a distant memory and you could just find that your ebook sales go through the roof!

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