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New Trends In Real Estate Investing Online

A new year always brings a new start, or in this case it brings new trends. Every year we see new trends emerging within the real estate industry and real estate investing online is no exception.

We all no that the real estate industry has seen better days thanks to the recession and sadly this chaotic environment is said to continue through 2009. Thanks to the impact of the recession developers are said to face challenges due to a lack of available financing and rising project costs and industry professionals see no quick fix meaning there is going to be drops in property value, continuing foreclosures and a struggling economy that will continue to stump property cash flows. The concept of commercial real estate is said to face the worst it has seen since the industry depression in 1991 to 1992; but thankfully it's not all downward spirals and gloomy news.

New trends in real estate investing when it comes to the online world demonstrate that more people are becoming involved in virtual wholesaling and more real estate agents are getting their business online to gain more exposure.

The Internet is the one place that all of us more than likely visit when we are shopping and looking for the latest deals as well as the best pieces of information so it goes without saying that when we want to step up onto the property ladder or advance further on it we will consult the Internet before any other form of media. So this demonstrates that not only is it important that you ensure that your business has a web presence but you need to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest industry trends; so what are some more of the new trends in real estate investing online?

Potential customers will demand an online presence of real estate agents. They need to leverage the Internet in order to market properties. The new trends demonstrate potential customers will trust agents based on how they market themselves online, which is one of the most important trends for real estate investing online.

Real estate agents need to monitor the housing market on a daily basis in order to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest market trends and values. Some of the ways in which this could be conducted is through RSS feeds, special search criteria, or simply site visits.

Past trends emphasized the importance of blogging to the online world of real estate. It was the way the real estate agents got word out about the property they had on the market. This concept is still carried out now but now it only represents a component of an online marketing strategy.

Developing a strong online presence and reputation is a big trend of 2009 and comes in the form of social capital. This represents a measure of how powerful your social network is when it comes to referring business to you. It is important that you build up your social capital and one of the best ways is to link and develop relationships with people that are well connected within the industry.

Due to the economic down turn times are going to be tough for the real estate industry but thanks to the virtual marketing there is the opportunity to dominate the real estate market for savvy real estate business owners. For the best chance of success, get yourself online.

About the Author:

Duncan Wierman is an Ex Software company CEO turned Real Estate Investor and Marketer. Discover how to use creative online marketing methods to do more deals online. For more details on how this type of automated internet marketing system works for real estate investors, please visit Duncan Wierman's website and get is free 14 day e-course. www.DuncanWierman.com

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