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Why You Need a Blog

In case you're new to blogging, let's cover some of the basics first.

A "blog" is the shortened name for "weblogs". "Blogging" is the action of posting a message onto a blog - with dated posts displayed chronologically. A "blogger" is the person who is posting the message.

Blogging is simply the act the sharing information over the Internet. The first blogs were created for personal use. People used them like a personal online diary or journal where they wrote about any ideas, opinions, philosophies or adventures they wanted to share.

Then smart businesses jumped on the bandwagon and started using blogs for a variety of purposes. Now you can see various examples of many different business blogs all over the Net.

Blogs keep growing in popularity and are accepted as a common marketing tactic.

There are several ways that a blog can be used in your overall business marketing plan and strategy. As you read the list below, think about how you want to use your blog and what would appeal most to your prospects and clients:

* interactively communicate and connect with prospects and clients

* share knowledge and expertise with customers, employees, clients, vendors, affiliates, joint venture partners

* increase your credibility

* build additional web traffic

* increase your brand recognition

* increase your speaking opportunities

* become an expert in your niche

* increase traffic to your website

* increase sales of your products and services

* generate positive word-of-mouth

* generate interest from media

* solicit feedback from clients and prospects

As well, many people are opting to not have a "traditional" website and instead use a blog to act as their website. Some people do this very well and unless you know what to look for, you just think it's a regular webpage.

The beauty about using a blog as your main site is that it's very affordable, you have all the control in terms of when and what you want to put up on the site, and it's also very easy to make changes and enhancements.

Blogs can accomplish what many other marketing strategies do as well. The bonus about blogging is that it can be done very inexpensively and easily with no special skills or resources required.

And the key thing about blogging is that it is an interactive marketing tactic. It allows connection and a relationship to be built between you and your prospective and current customers in a way that many other marketing tools cannot do.

Think about adding a blog to your marketing plan and start reaping the many rewards!

About the Author:

Jody Gabourie, The Small Business Marketing Coach, teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to take action with their marketing in order to get more results and more profits. To learn all about her unique "done-for-you" ebooks called Ready Made Marketing Plans™ and to sign up for her FREE special report, ezine and articles, visit her site at www.JodyGabourieMarketingCoach.com

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