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My New Top 10 Free Website Traffic Generation Methods - Part 1

In 2008, I wrote an ebook that revealed my most effective methods of generating free website traffic. As online conditions and technologies change, I feel it's now time to update that ebook.

However, instead of revealing my new top 10 free website traffic generation methods in ebook format, I'm going to do it in a 10-part article series.

While I do list these methods in order of my preference, it's not necessarily by which ones produce the most traffic. Instead, I list them also considering which produce the highest quality traffic, and therefore adds the most to my bottom-line.

Let's get started...

My number one favorite method of generating free website traffic is via an affiliate program. I like releasing simple, inexpensive products that pay as much as 100% commission on the front-end. Properly done, this can create thousands of affiliates all working frantically to send you highly-qualified BUYING traffic.

They find and send you traffic that you wouldn't otherwise have, and you reward them for doing so.

If you'd like to see a live example of how I do this, visit: sellmorebigticket.com The product there is a $17 audio/ebook combination where I pay affiliates 100% commission. That ebook is called "The Secrets To Selling More Big Ticket Products" and is an MP3 and PDF transcript where I share exactly how I do that :-)

There are a number of keys to making this most effective, and I see many people who attempt this tactic missing some of the most important elements. Those keys are:

1) You want to make managing the whole system as easy as possible. If your system is too burdensome, you won't use it for very long. I use the Rapid Action Profits system, developed by my friend Sid Hale, to manage this affiliate program. I use it because once I set up a site, RAP makes management practically hands-free. The script can be configured to pay any percentage commission that you desire on a front-end and/or back-end product.

The beauty of the system is that when a sale is made, the affiliate is paid instantly directly to their Paypal account, and the customer is redirected to a download page. At that point, my affiliate has sent me that prized traffic, but as importantly, is also building me a mailing list.

2) You need to also have a good back-end product in-place. I typically have a second product that I offer immediately after that first sale. You can offer affiliates any percentage commission on this sale, and I often don't offer any since I've given them all of the money from the front-end sale.

The key though, is that if you do offer a back-end product (or one-time-offer) you will often get a major percentage of customer take it. So, if you don't have that offer in place, you're leaving behind much of your profits.

3) You need to have follow-up in place. It does little good to build that list if you don't later follow-up with them. Another reason that I like using Rapid Action Profits is that it builds a database right within the software.

Since some web hosting companies limit the number of emails that you can send from their servers (at one time), RAP also offers the capability for automatically building your list on a third-party system (such as Aweber.com or ProfitAutomation.com).

I have at least 30 sites built using RAP. Those are all traffic generation systems. Can you tell that I like RAP? You should check out RAP at timic.org/RAP

4) Here's where a lot of people using this traffic generation method cut corners, and fail...

You need to give affiliates lots of great tools so that it's really, REALLY easy for them to register as affiliates and then promote like crazy.

Many of your affiliates won't feel comfortable creating tools on their own. So, if you don't give them the tools, they'll end up doing nothing. Tools should include:

* Banners in a variety of sizes

* Solo emails

* Blog posts

* Tweets

* Classified ads (suitable for Google AdWords)

The tools should have the affiliates' links automatically inserted in the proper places - something RAP handles beautifully. If you force your affiliates to have to track down links, and then manually edit the tools you offer, many won't bother.

5) Here's how you make your traffic generator go viral...

Invite your customers to become affiliates after they purchase. I've seen many merchants put links to their affiliate program right on the sales page. I don't like this technique since I feel that it can distract customers that your affiliates worked hard to send you. So, I don't feel that it's fair.

Instead, I put links to sign-up for the affiliate program on my product download pages, AND often in the products themselves. Simply explain to customers that they can register, promote the product, and earn instant commissions. This is very effective, especially when you have all of those great affiliate tools in place.

It's also very effective because the INSTANT commissions helps those who need the cash now!

Ok, I've just shared with you my very favorite method for generating free website traffic. I basically get others to send me the traffic, and then I have tools in place to leverage that traffic.

Stay tuned for part 2...

Willie Crawford has been marketing goods and services over the internet since 1996, and teaches many of his tactics in his free ezine. Be sure to not miss the rest of this series by subscribing at WillieCrawford.com/

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