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Twitter Tools and Applications You Can't Live Without

If, after some time of tweeting regularly, you find that hanging out at Twitter no longer carries with it the same excitement as before, then this is no cause for worry. Your experience with this immensely popular micro-blogging site may be at a plateau, but this does not mean there is nothing more you can do here.

Before giving in to tweeting fatigue, here are some of the more out of the ordinary things you can still do besides just plain old tweets:

1. Business and career enhancement tools

TwitPay Changing the way business is conducted, this Twitter service can be used to sell goods and products -- and get paid -- with the help of TwitPay, a payment system using user accounts. TwitPay communicates with the PayPal system to process transactions made over the service.

TwtBizCard Companies can reach out to new business contacts with the use of the electronic card service TwtBizCard. TwtBizCard will extract data to create the business card from the account's profile.

TwtQpon To increase your business' social media marketing mileage, TwtQpon, is the tool to use. TwtQpon makes it possible to create online coupons that can be tweeted to business clients-cum-followers.

TwtFAQ With another tool - TwtFAQ -- businesses can respond to customer requests and questions speedily via Twitter, thereby improving customer support. This application allows any business to reach out to clients and address their needs in as little as 140 characters.

TweetMyJobs As for individuals on the lookout for greener job pastures, and employers with an eye for fresh talent, TweetMyJobs connects job seekers and recruiters together, with thousands of jobs tweeted daily and instantaneously.

2. Humanitarian and advocacy tools

It is also possible for users to conduct charitable and humanitarian works online. act.ly act.ly is a very powerful tool to drive good causes and advocacy. act.ly is primarily useful in directly petitioning any organization or personalities to act on particular causes. For example, a concerned individual can petition organizations like NASA, which has an account at Twitter, to permanently halt radiation-filled experiments.

Congressional140 For concerned citizens, it is possible to tap into the thoughts of lawmakers based on what they are currently tweeting. Congressional140 aggregates the updated tweets from members of the U.S. Congress who use Twitter.

TwitPay For fund-raising projects for the benefit of charities and causes, TwitPay can also handle the online payments for these humanitarian activities.

3. File and music sharing tools

Like Facebook or MySpace, users can share everything from files, to music, to images - in fact, the whole spectrum of multimedia channels essential to the personal existence of online users.

FileSocial FileSocial and FileTweet are some of the handy tools to send and receive files on the Twitter service. You can upload any kind of file, from pictures to videos, PDFs or Power point... Whatever you want!

Blip.fm Blip.fm delights music aficionados with music sharing made possible. TweetUrMusic also shares favorite listening music through the Play.me community.

TwitPic TwitPic and TweetPhoto are perfect for image sharing, and Flickr is on at Twitter as well. TweeTube and TwitVid for video sharing, and many games like TwitBrain, Twivia and WhoseTweet for users needing to take a break.

Whatever pursuits and interests that draws you to Twitter, the tools and applications available in this service is enough to enrich your experience and make your time spent online very worth while.

About the Author:

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