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Gmail - the Most Popular Email Service

Gmail (from Google Mail, is pronounced 'Ji-mail' or 'gmeyl') - a free email service from the U.S. company Google. Provides access to mailboxes through the web interface and the protocols POP3, SMTP and IMAP. First time Gmail started work in April 1, 2004. it was necessary to receive an invitation from the one who know you and if someone's mailbox is already there, It was even more strict for residents of the United States, because it required proof of identity via a text message SMS. Currently free registration is open to residents of all countries. Its beta version was also tested in July 8, 2009. Service offers for mail storage over 7 gigabytes of space, and this number continues to increase from 1 April 2005, when, the services of Gmail were one year old, it became very popular , available storage capacity was increased from 1 GB to 2 GB. This announcement was accompanied by promises that Google will increase the proposed amount of users with free to join.

Gmail web interface is built entirely on the browser-based scenario programming language JavaScript, which gives unusual for web environment features, such as receiving commands from the keyboard update without rebooting (technology AJAX), drop down list to select the recipients and others. It is also possible to switch to the interface, only HTML - the standard markup language web pages, which are supported by all browsers. When you load the web interface version of the browser is checked, and if the browser does not support all of the instructions used by JavaScript, web-based interface will automatically switch to HTML-mode and the user will notice that your browser does not support all functions. If you use a Gmail user receives e-mail address in the domain googlemail.com (type [email protected]) and nickname in the domain gmail.com ([email protected]). For users of Google Apps is available in the appropriate mailing address used by the group (business) domain. Also, when using Google Apps Premier Edition user is given the volume of e-mail box at 25 GB. There are also so called laboratory of Gmail - a set of additional (experimental) functions, including: "Hot Keys" (Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the application. Ability to use keyboard shortcuts is rare for postal online services.); "Cancel sending the letter". (Within 10 seconds after pressing the button «Send» it is possible to cancel the sending of the letter.); "Gadgets" - is a mini application on the basis of the markup language XML. With the help of gadget you can, for example, launch Twitter-client in the mail box.

Gmail offers a number of innovations if we compare it with other standards of web based email services. If we say that other services also adapted ideas of Gmail, it will be not wrong guess. Here are few examples. Gmail Use a secure connection. Unlike many free even paid email services, Gmail offers an encrypted channel of connection protocol SMTP/POP3/IMAP, as well as web-based interface over an encrypted connection protocol HTTPS (encrypted protocol TLS v1.0 128 bit ARC4 (1024 bit RSA / SHA)). Lack of records of IP-addresses in the headers of email senders. In most other free webmail services IP-address of the sender is always visible and it shows something similar. (Headers Received from, X-Originating-IP). Option of HTM can significantly reduce the amount of downloadable information, thereby providing quick access to the web interface, even with low net speed and bandwidth to Internet Gmail html version work as quicker than most of the services. You can switch to standard mode any time you wish; if you find net speed high you can use the standard mode otherwise html mode gives all functionality with great accessibility enhanced features. No advertisement in HTML version significantly reduces the amount of website load needed to download the information (as compared with services that contain graphics and flash-advertising). Sponsored links completely absent in the only mode, and are present only when reading the mail in standard mode. and those are also only those letters which are according to contextual advertising in the form of text on the panel on the right. More than 7 gigabytes of disk space for Emails. Nevertheless, the size of a received or sent email must not exceed 25 megabytes of size which is a big attachment option for any free email service. Viewing the discussions. The method of categorizing messages in Gmail which enable the option to see whole corresponding and "discussion" - the original message with a chain of responses to it (the maximum number of emails in the chain of 100). Chains are created automatically this is a novelty of Google mail service and still it's not found anywhere in email usage, such type of chain of mails can't be created manually as they are created by server automatically.

Here are some of the advanced options in Gmail to mention: Labels. Letters do not appear in the folder, and are divided into categories that users can add and modify easily. The effectiveness of this mechanism is somewhat higher than the more traditional to the folders, as implemented by the possibility of combining different combinations of labels. There are "standard" icons, such as inbox (Inbox), or chats (chat). The possibility has not explicitly represented in the interface - to work with the combined marks the user must use a special syntax of the field "Search" (for example, to see all the history of the conversation with the labels friends, you need to type in search in: chats in: friends) Archiving. With a large volume of e-mail boxes do not need to delete another message for the release of volume, enough to remove from them the label inbox (Inbox) to send them to the archive. "Autosave". When editing messages per minute is performed automatically save a draft letter, to prevent data loss in case of power off or other malfunctions. Development of a list of contacts. For each interlocutor can be defined picture, address and phone numbers. Also implemented the substitution of addresses from the list that appears when typing in the line "someone" by username or email address dialed even partially. Support for RSS. Because it can read the letter with the help of other RSS-client, for example, from personalized pages of search sites, msn.com, yahoo.com and most google.com, program Microsoft Deskbar. This makes it possible to check mail without connecting to the web interface. Built-in spell checker. Automatically detects the language of communication, and offers alternative spelling words wrong. Built-in chat. Messages can be delivered not only through the mail protocols, but also through the protocol Jabber, allowing users to exchange instant messages using a web interface mailbox program Google Talk, or any others that support Jabber. E-mail to own domain. Ability to use when working with Gmail's own domain name, and the creation of a large number of mailboxes, each of which can take advantage of Gmail. In this case for domains registered with the help of partners is not Google, would require special setup domain accounts. This feature is part of a service provided by Google - Google Apps. Working in offline mode. Allow you to use your mailbox, even when not connected to the Internet. Offline access to Gmail using technology provided by Google Gears, which maintains the application on the user's hard drive. In offline mode, users can read incoming messages, as well as write letters, which will automatically be sent immediately after the resumption of Internet connection.

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