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The Pitfalls off Free Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing is the act of conducting a conference utilizing technology which allows individuals to broadcast a video transmission rather than be physically present. Video conferencing is hardly a new idea however, it has become much more popular and available with the advancement of the internet and modern day technology.

The obvious advantage that many users see in video conferencing is the ability to conduct meetings and conferences with co-workers, offices, teams and executives who could be across town or across the world. There is no need to be physically present or relocate those individuals. Many companies are hesitant to adapt to and to try new video conferencing technology due to the cost. It is not uncommon for a company to pick a free video conferencing solution to both save money, and to "test" the technology.

Using free video conferencing technology may seem like a harmless way to test out the technology before buying a paid service, it may also provide an appealing approach to solve a problem in a bind and quickly get a video conference started, however that is not the case. While free services such as Skype will provide video conferencing between users they lack many of the necessary tools for the business environment, furthermore they lack security which is of the utmost important when dealing with business matters.

Rather it is a conference with the boss or with a potential client it is important to have a high quality, reliable and secure video conference. Programs that offer free video conferencing such as Skype do provide a video conference room however there is no guarantee of the quality. It is quite typical for services such as Skype to experience downtime which could be a few short minutes or even hours which is not acceptable in a business environment. Furthermore, quality issues and limitations of free conferencing services can be tedious.

Free video conferencing services are generally overcrowded with users due to their free nature. The companies that host these services rely on advertisements to support the servers they use to provide the video conference and therefore they are often less than adequate. Video conferences hosted on free solutions may loose video, audio, experience clipping, lagging and a wide array of other quality problems that can make the meeting both unprofessional and cumbersome leading to a drop in rapport between individuals or clients.

Quality issues aside, free video conferencing services are often hosted on insecure servers and networks to reduce costs. This may not seem like a threat however in the business world security is typically everything and on a free video conference security is something that is not promised nor guaranteed.

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