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Improve Your SEO Optimization With Keyword Search Tools

The use of keyword search tools is important in any search engine optimization or SEO placement campaign. Incorrect use of keywords will not help your potential customers find you as you will be lost with the millions of websites in the worldwide web. Everyday, new sites enter cyberspace with new strategies to rank on the first page of the search engines. You are competing against new entrants who are more SEO savvy everyday. Do not think that you can do without keyword search tools in your SEO placement campaign.

You are losing money each time you use the wrong keywords because your website won't rank well and your customers can't find you. Think of the revenue you are losing by not attracting your customers with the right use of keywords. Get rid of the belief that you can pick the correct keywords on your own based on your experience with SEO placement strategies. Even the most successful marketers and copywriters depend on keyword search tools such as Google and Wordtracker. Complacency will only waste your time and effort as other marketers outperform you.

Compile a list of potential keywords, long tail keywords and phrases that searchers are likely to use. Your keywords should be relevant to what your website is offering or promoting. It is best to exclude generic terms as they don't rank very well. You should not overuse the keywords, but rather they should correspond with your site and content.

Use a keyword search tool to find out the search pattern of your list of keywords. This will assist you to zoom in on terms that are frequently used by searchers on a daily and monthly basis. As a rule of thumb, keywords that have a monthly search of at least 3,000 should be your target, although there are marketers who settle for less than that. Everyone has their own target but based on experience, I find that keywords with at least 3,000 searches a month meet my sales strategy well.

Different keyword search tools will give you different results on search terms but do not fret too much about that because different keyword search tools get their information differently. The popularity of a keyword on a keyword tool should be your focus instead of the different figures you are getting.

Narrow down on your final list of keywords to use on an excel spreadsheet for easier scrutiny. Depending on your content, fit in the most appropriate keyword in the sentences and make sure that they are free flowing and pleasant to read. This is very important because trying to stuff popular keywords vaguely into sentences can be very annoying to the reader and become a turn-off, which defeats the purpose of your whole effort.

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