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Top Ranking Keywords Don't Always Mean Top Position In The Search Results

When conducting research about SEO and keyword uses, there are many things to consider. You likely want to choose keywords that contain a good variety of the most popular keywords related to your website. That only makes sense since this is what ultimately will determine if your website is going to fit the needs for your clients and visitors. However, hitting those top keywords may simply not be enough to get you on the top ranking for the search engine results pages.

The problem is that the more common that the keyword you choose is, the more websites are likely targeting that keyword. Let's explain. Website owner A decides to build a website about car parts for his business. He conducts research and fines that the word used car parts is one of the most commonly typed keywords into the search engine. He bases the website off that word. The problem is, there are dozens if not thousands of more website owners doing the same thing. The competition for used car parts is going to be significantly higher which means that he will work extra hard, and likely spend a great deal more, on building a website that is listed in the top search engine ranking pages.

In this particular situation, it may be best for the website owner to look at other keywords, including those keywords that are less likely to be the ones that website developers are using. Perhaps instead of the top 10 keywords, he focuses on 100 to 110 on the list of keywords he has. While the upper keywords are still used, including the lower keywords may mean better results. 9 You may not get the results for the used car parts term, because of the competition for it, but you are more likely to rank well for the lesser used keywords and have better results this way.

Most website owners will want to target keywords that span the range. Rather than focusing on just a handful of keywords, they may focus on more and that way have a bit of something for everyone.

When conducting your keyword research, it is highly important to consider not only what your clients and website visitors are looking for, but also what your competition is doing as well. You should take into consideration what all of the keyword options you have are before you choose those top ranking keywords which may not actually bring you the results you hoped for.

About the Author:

Kerry Russell has studied Internet Marketing subjects such as website optimization for many years now. As a result of this Kerry helps other like minded people succeed online with her knowledge. To learn how you can take the exact same steps and grow your online business visit footsteps-to-your-success.com today.

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