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What Currency Trading Is And What You Need To Do It Successfully

What exactly is currency trading? How does a currency trader make money? In this short article we will briefly outline the basics of currency trading (also called forex trading).

The concept behind currency trading is in fact very simple: to a large extent it's not any different from trading in commodities, stocks or even physical products such as apples. You buy something at what you believe to be a good price and then you set out to find a buyer that will buy it from you at a higher price.

Where forex trading is different from trading e. G., in potatoes, is that the currency markets can become extremely volatile without any warning. If you buy a bag of potatoes on the market and you know the retail price is 20% higher, you can be virtually 100% sure you are going to sell your bag of potatoes at a profit of 20%. Not so with currency trading. The market can move in any direction without giving any warning.

Why would anybody in his right mind then get involved in trading something on which you could lose money, you might well ask. The reason is probably our human greed: even though you stand to lose a lot of money, you could make much more than with nearly any other form of investment in a short time if things go your way. And of course traders have developed all sorts of instruments to help them predict where the market is going to minimize potential losses.

Your first step in becoming a currency trader would be to open a trading account with one of the many online companies that specialize in this. Try to get one with a free demo account. This way you can experiment to your hearts content with all the theories you have about how the market works, without risking a cent of real money.

You should also be sure that the account includes access to an easy to operate trading platform, preferably one with integrated support for drawing charts and importing live prices. Especially if you intend to be a day trader, you simply can't do without having access to live prices. Swing traders, trading in a longer time window, will not find that so important.

Then your homework begins. You have to learn about things such as technical indicators, fundamental indicators and money management. You have to understand how to set up a trading system and you have to stick to that trading system.

Don't get discouraged if all this sounds rather technical and confusing. There are indeed a lot to learn, but if you even want to be a professional trader, making serious money with currency trading, you have to invest the time to get to know the market.

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