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Cloud Hosting May Be The Next Great Thing - There Are Still Reasons For Using A Dedicated Server

Since the beginning of the Internet, dedicated servers have been around. Although dedicated servers are very different to the original dedicated server, they are in many ways similar. Many people think a dedi server only has one job. This isn't true- a server can do many things at once. A server can be used for any one of the following tasks.

Servers can be used for website hosting. A single server can host one single server or many. For web hosting a dedi server will normally be run on Linux as it is typically considered to be more stable. It is also cheaper to run due to not having to pay for a license for the operating system. You have the choice of reseller or shared hosting packages. Shared hosting works from a single account. You can host as many domains as you like on a reseller account.

Servers can also be used as a database server. Depending on the operating system, a variety of databases can be employed. MySQL normally runs along side web hosting. There is also the choice of the likes of Oracle or Microsoft's database engine. Databases power most websites you visit.

Dedicated game servers power online game play. There are many advantages of using a dedi server over home PC for game hosting, such as better ping. It also means that all the maths required to work out the player positions etc. does not affect your own game play. Connectivity is an important reason for choosing a dedicated server. Being hosted in datacentres, dedicated servers have a fast connection to the internet.

Another use for a dedicated server is as a file server. If you are a regular Internet user, you will have been linked to photos on the net. Some websites allow for Internet users to upload photos, and then reference them by URL. The owners normally make their money through banners. File servers also host applications and programs. The final use of server is for voice over IP. There are many types of VOIP software from Ventrilo through to Skype. Voice server software is installed and runs on a dedicated server. Home users can then connect directly to the server for excellent smooth communication.

Recently we have seen the introduction of cloud software. Cloud software is able to make use of many dedicated servers. Despite this, dedicated servers will always be around and have a use on the net.

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