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Using A Fake Social Security Number

We all have had many situations where someone request our social security number (SSN). Whether this be a job, college application, or subscriptions to certain services, many people will have to provide their social security number to qualify for services.

Some may have a legitimate need for a person's social security number; others may not. In those cases, people may not feel comfortable revealing their actual SSN. If refusal is not an option, a fake or invalid SSN may be the ticket.

When To Use A Fake SSN?

One should only use a fake or invalid SSN when it's warranted and obviously not illegal. Some doctor's offices, auto shops, various stores, web sites and many other places may ask for a social security number when there is no legitimate reason for it. Moreover, there are no guarantees that they will securely guard one's private information including the SSN.

At first, it's always best to decline giving out a social security number or leaving that area blank on forms. If that approach fails and one still needs to proceed with the business, then handing out a fake or invalid SSN may be the solution.

How To Get A Fake SSN?

The trick in providing an invalid social security number to a requester is making sure that such action is not illegal and also that the SSN is not a real or valid number possibly belonging to someone else.

This page, www.socialsecurity.gov/employer/randomizationfaqs.html#a0=6, directly from the Social Security Administration (SSA) web site, is a good resource to that end.

A social security number has the pattern, AAA-GG-SSSS, where A is the Area number, G is the Group number, and S is the Serial number. According to the SSA, social security numbers are assigned somewhat randomly, but the following situations are never used:

  • Numbers that have all 0's in any group.
  • Numbers starting with 666 or 9.

Therefore the following sample numbers are in correct format but are invalid social security numbers:

Providing an invalid social security number should always be the last resort, but there are times it may be unavoidable. And if you happen to be on the receiving end of SSN's, now you know how to spot the fake ones.

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