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HTTP to HTTPS Migration

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A universally secure internet may have its defenders and detractors but like it or not, Google is going to force site encryption (https) across the board. First it was the SEO penalty threat, supposedly giving higher scores to secure sites but it doesn't seem like that worked out great. I think Google recognized that just — Continue reading ยป

Online Ad to Block Online Ad

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An online ad on YouTube for an application to block online ads. Oh the irony ๐Ÿ™‚ — Continue reading ยป

The Great SYN Flood of China

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I wake up yesterday morning and while still in bed I get the dreaded site-down alert from Pingdom on my smartphone. When a Web site goes down there are a number of simple preliminary steps one takes to pinpoint and fix the problem. Is the ISP having an outage? Are the modem and router up? — Continue reading ยป

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