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by Robert Hashemian

Page xvii

The above story paints a picture of an ignorant (and arrogant) trader who was a financial danger to himself and his family. But I was able to learn from all that and turn my financial life around before it was too late. One of the first actions I took in taking control of my investments was to educate myself. I had certainly learned first hand the penalty for ignorance. Today I consider myself a long-term investor, but more importantly, a more educated investor. A far cry from the amateur trader I was a few years ago. I still take occasional risks on stocks and options, but I do so with little money and the awareness that losing that money will not adversely affect my lifestyle and plans.

This book is about money and investing. It is based on what I have learned during the past few years about the financial world. I am not a financial analyst, not a Certified Public Accountant, not a broker, not a banker, and not a pundit. I am just an average person like most of you, but an average person who searched for the knowledge to make himself a better investor. This book is based on personal experiences, some research, and some common sense. It is about the financial world and the different financial instruments, and how they work and how they relate to each other. It is a good introductory book into the world of money and it could also be used as a reference. It is the kind of book I wish I had before I went through those turbulent times in my life.

If you are looking for explicit and foolproof investment advice, this book isn't for you, although you can find nuggets of wisdom if you read between the lines. But if you want to learn about how the financial world works, how the different financial instruments can be invested in, how to interpret what you read in financial journals, and if you want to understand the big picture, read on. We will cover the concepts of money, bonds, futures, stocks, options, and mutual funds. My hope is that by the time you finish reading this book you will be a more educated investor than you were before.

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