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chance to cancel the order once it enters the system, especially if it is a market order.

Futures Analyses

You are probably aware that professional traders don't just jump into trading futures or any other securities for that matter. They usually undertake an elaborate process of analysis so they can trade with their eyes open. The subject of financial analysis can span many volumes and entails laborious details, calculations, and projections well beyond what an average trader can or wants to engage in. The good news is that much of this analysis is also available to people like us. Of course, we either have to pay professionals to do the analysis for us or take the time sifting through it all to make our own determinations. There are copious amounts of analysis available for futures, but two well-known categories are fundamental and technical analysis. These are used to forecast possible price movements for futures and many traders base trading decisions on them.

Fundamental analysis deals with areas that affect the supply/demand factors for commodities. It could include reports from government bodies, experts, and analysts on a wide range of subjects such as population numbers, consumer patterns, long-range weather forecasts, political shifts, and many more variables to make predictions on the future supply/demand characteristics. Technical analysis, on the other hand, is based on historical data, chart analysis, and statistical information, and it attempts to establish patterns. A variety of approaches are used to digest this data and make sense of it all in the hope of arriving at a predictable pattern.

While many of these analyses may never correctly predict futures price movements, they are the best tools available to traders for making

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