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graduates will become millionaires but chances are that most will do better with their degrees in hand than without. Here is where the risk vs. reward equation comes into play. The risk/reward equation dictates that while there are no guarantees in any investment, some have a much higher chance of bearing fruit than others. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, but also the higher the loss should the investment fail. An alert investor therefore constantly assesses the risk/reward ratio of her investments in order to maximize returns while minimizing losses. Such an investor would usually make an investment with a clear overall goal in mind. This allows the investor to make accurate judgments on the risk/reward ratios of the investments and to combine calculated risks with adequate safeguards to increase her overall chance of success.

Investing In What?

When it comes to monetary investments there are numerous paths one can take. We are certainly living in interesting times and we have almost infinite investment options to choose from. You may decide to invest in a new business venture, antique collectibles, or financial instruments such as stocks and bonds.No matter what your investment course, there is one immutable rule to consider: you must have an initial capital to start your investment with. If you don't have anything to start with, now would be a good time to begin saving money. Set yourself up with a savings plan that you are comfortable with and follow it religiously. Only you can decide how much money you need in order to make your initial investment.With a consistent saving strategy, you will be able to realize your goal in a given time period which you can then use as your initial investment.

At the risk of repeating what you already know let me make one insertion here and that is, consider (strongly) paying off your high

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