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by Robert Hashemian

Page 86

Sample Futures Contracts

Live Cattle
40,000 lbs.
Boneless Beef
20,000 lbs.
BFP Milk
200,000 lbs.
40,000 lbs.
Cheddar Cheese
40,000 lbs.
Random Length Lumber
80,000 board feet
British Pound
62,500 British Pounds
Canadian Dollar
100,000 Canadian Dollars
Deutsche Mark
125,000 Deutsche Marks
Japanese Yen
12,500,000 Japanese Yen
Standard & Poor's 500
$250 x S&P 500 Stock Index
Nikkei 225 Stock Average
$5 x Nikkei Stock Index
13-Week US T-Bill
1 Year US T-Bill
1 Kilo or 100 Ounces

The Long And Short Of It

Remember when we talked about things getting a bit more complicated? Well, we are getting closer. But before we delve into it let's cover an important concept in investing, one that not only relates to futures but also to stocks, options, and other instruments. The concept

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