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combination of styles to achieve their objectives. Some of these styles are:

Aggressive Growth - Invested in aggressive growth stocks. High return potential but also high risk.

Blended - Invested in both growth and value stocks.

Growth And Income - Invested in a combination of growth and value stocks and possibly some bonds.

High-Yield Bond - Invested in junk bonds, which pay high interests but have a risk of default.

Precious Metal - Invested in precious metals and stocks from companies with mining interests.

Socially Responsible - Invested in stocks and bonds of companies that have good environmental records, do not produce tools of war, or are not involved in alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Emerging Market - Invested in securities from emerging markets such as those from South America, south central Asia, Middle East, and ex-Eastern block countries.

Zero Coupon - Invested in zero coupon bonds, which do not make coupon payments but pay principal and accrued interest in one lump sum at maturity.

Religious Funds - Invested in stocks and bonds of companies associated with certain religions.

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