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padfly.comThe other day I was chasing a problem on one of our servers. While searching for a solution on my desktop I happened upon a web page that seemed to present a solution. At this point I wanted to go over to the server, pull up the web page and try some of the suggestions. There was only one problem. The URL of that page was one of those long ones with a number of numbered parameters. My choices were:

  • Open Remote Desktop to the server from my PC, fire up the browser on the server, copy and paste the URL into the browser and continue working via Remote Desktop. That's fine and good, except that sometimes copying and pasting from my local PC to Remote Desktop doesn't work. Besides If I wanted to try this on several other servers later on, this solution would be impractical.
  • Commit the URL to memory and then try to recall it at the server's console. Yeah right. Everyone knows how flawed a programmer's memory can be, specially with a long URL that you have to get it exactly right.
  • Copy the URL to Notepad, save it on a shared folder on my PC and access it from the server.
  • Email it to myself and then access it on the server over the web. That would have meant a number of steps including logging in to my account from the server.
  • Use a service like Yahoo Briefcase or Google Notepad and access them from the server, but again there was that login step again and I'd have to remember to log off, lest someone else might get access to my private account.
  • In short, a simple task of saving some text and retrieving it from elsewhere is a cumbersome chore. That's when I stumbled upon padfly.com. This web-based service allows one to copy some text to an easy-to-recall URL (like http://padfly.com/MySavedURL) and then access it from anywhere at any time.

    padfly is free, requires no login, and the saved content can be accessed and edited at any time, by anyone, from anywhere. You can copy any piece of text to a path name of your choice (called a PAD) and then have anyone on the other side of the company or the other side of the world view it.

    I actually used padfly today and it definitely delivered for me. So the next time you need to quickly save and recall a piece of text or share it with others, give padfly.com a try. It might save you a lot of time and hassle. It's a simple web-based scratchpad, notepad, and clipboard you might have been searching for.

    There is a footnote to this blog entry. padfly was actually developed by yours truly last weekend to address the issue I mentioned up above. It was handy enough for me that I decided to tidy it up and put it online. Send me a note if you have suggestions for features, improvements, or other ideas for padfly. Enjoy.


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