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Internet Explorer 8

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Internet Explorer may still be the dominant browser on the Internet but its clout is nowhere near where it was a few years ago. Back in the early days of the browser wars when IE4 finally unseated Netscape to become the front-runner, it enjoyed immense popularity. I certainly was a devoted fan and used IE exclusively.

But then Firefox crashed the party and I saw the chance to defect once again to this new browser. Only this time it wasn't a complete defection. Today when I login to Windows XP (no Vista, thank you), the first browser I launch is IE6, followed immediately by Firefox3 and occasionally I add Chrome2 (Google's browser) to the mix. Depending on my mood and the sites I visit, I may pull up one site on one browser and the next site on another. It's a weird habit, but it serves me just fine.

When the time came to upgrade to IE7, I balked and stayed the course with IE6. Not so with the other browsers. Where I am open with upgrading the others (even to their latest betas), I have been resistant to upgrading IE. I suppose the innate fear of dealing with unwanted features and flaws has held me back.

Word has it that IE8 is a much better product than IE7, its predecessor. But when Windows Update alerted me with the IE8 upgrade screen, I once again passed on the opportunity. What I found interesting was the description accompanying this update:

Internet Explorer 8 Update

Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of the familiar Web browser that you are most comfortable using. Internet Explorer 8 helps you get everything that you want from the Web faster, easier, and more privately and securely than ever.

"Familiar Web browser that you are most comfortable using?" I don't think so. That's some presumptuous statement by Microsoft. Maybe for me IE6 is the end of the road with Internet Explorer. Quite possibly when I buy my next PC with Windows7 pre-installed, I'll be forced to use the latest version of Internet Explorer, be it IE8, IE9 or whatever they choose to call it then. Then again, I just may bid Internet Explorer farewell and make that complete defection to Firefox or Chrome or both.


1 Comment

  1. The language certainly has a Big-Brother quality to it. But you and I, I don't think we are the target of this language. I too use Firefox for most things, and Opera and Chrome when all my Firefox customizations get in the way of something I actually care about (rather than the 99% of Flash animations that threaten to send me into an epileptic seizure).

    Comment by Nigel — May 2, 2009 @8:08 am


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