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Google Chrome View Source Bug

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Google Chrome BrowserMany web designers and developers use the "View Source" feature of browsers to check the HTML data behind a Web page. It's perhaps one of most basic debugging tools that has been a part of every browser since the beginning. The Chrome browser by Google is no exception and it also has the "View Source" feature, but as I found out recently, it doesn't work quite as expected.

In general, When a POST request is issued to a URL (for example when a web form is submitted), the content returned is usually different from the original GET request (when the page is accessed the first time.) If "View Source" is selected, all browsers show the source of the currently displaying content, regardless of the request type. That is, all browsers but Chrome.

Apparently Chrome developers have decided to show the source of the page as if it was accessed the first time (GET request). I noticed this when diagnosing a web form submission issue. On Chrome the page source didn't match the content of the submitted page being displayed. That puzzled me for a while before I discovered the glitch.

This bug hasn’t gone unnoticed by others, as evident by this post. What's strange is that Google hasn't done anything about it so far, even in their latest beta release of Chrome. So for the time being the solution is to use another browser like Firefox or IE.


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