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Network Solutions Domain Renewals

by @ 11:36 pm
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I don't know if Network Solutions (netsol) is anymore the biggest domain registrar on the Internet. That title may now belong to GoDaddy. But one thing is for certain, Network Solutions seems desperate. Ok, just saw this on domain registrars and now it's clear.

The other day I called Network Solutions after having trouble taking domain protect off a domain name. The agent with an attitude threw so many roadblocks in my way that I nearly gave up in disgust. In the end she offered to renew the domain for $9/year if I just dropped the matter. That's something they charge their unsuspecting customers $35/year for.

What kind of extortionist business practice is that? Is it even worth their time to haggle with their clients over one domain? Seems so petty, but if you are desperate enough, as Network Solutions seems to be, it's better to strong-arm their customers one domain at a time than to lose them to another registrar.

So the next time you are ready to renew your Network Solutions domains, don't just renew online. Simply call them up and threaten them with a domain transfer and get 75% off the renewal price.


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