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Super-Earth Discoveries

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The reported discoveries of super-earths (extra-solar planets larger than earth), can certainly do a number of one's imagination. At least it did to mine.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that some 100 light-years from our planet, a rocky planet is orbiting its sun. What would that planet look like? Would there be any life there? If so what would its inhabitants look like? Would they even qualify as life form to us?

I know, a bunch of what's and no real answers. Sorry, but I must take a religious detour here. Creationists will have us believe that other than earth no other planet harbors life because there's no mention of this in any Abrahamic books. Then again some still believe that earth is flat and the center of the universe.

But, let's assume that god exists. Then couldn't he have created other worlds and simply not mentioned them in the books. It's possible, right? Are people that arrogant that they assume god must share all his knowledge with them? Who’s the master here? Maybe god didn't think these people deserve to know everything. I know I wouldn't share everything if I created them.

Anyways, if we apply mere probability, then there is a chance that there are other worlds with some kinds of life forms, maybe primitive, maybe advanced, or maybe totally incomprehensible to us. Would be a mind-numbing discovery for sure.


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