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Airport Security

by @ 11:43 pm
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Airplane Taking OffDoes it seem a bit odd that a person is found dead in the wheel well of a plane that flew from New York to Tokyo and other than a passing mention there isn't much media coverage? Meanwhile the case of the man who foolishly went the wrong way in the security area of Newark airport has been covered ad-nauseum.

Which one is more of a security threat? It’s possible that the wheel well stowaway might have belonged to the ground crew, but it's also possible that someone slipped onto the airport tarmac and got close enough to a plane to climb up the wheel assembly and hide inside the compartment. Doesn't take much imagination to envision what this person could have done while inside.

Getting past the security and terrorism aspects of this breach, I wonder what kind of person would attempt such craziness. Most people know the chances of survival in the wheel well is almost none. There are more painless ways to end one's life.


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