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Hurricane Comes, Server Goes

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Hurricane Irene has come and gone causing much damage and destruction in its path. I ended up with a leaky roof and a power outage. Relatively speaking, that's not so bad, except that the power outage lasted for what it seemed like eternity.

Of course with the outage came the loss of this site as the server went dark. This right on the heels of the recent DDOS attack the site had suffered. The tools and utilities used by people around the world were no longer accessible and understandably that's a source of frustration. It's one of the hazards of self-hosting and not having an huge budget. Why not host the site with a hosting company in a data center, like it was at one time? I am working on a separate blog post on that.

For now, I offer apologies and the hope that the next outage, while inevitable, will be in a distant future. Nothing in life is certain and even the Titans of the web go down occasionally, let alone a small operation like this. I promise my best effort to keep the server up and running.

Thanks for your support and trust,



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