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With the electronic age and all, I don't check my mailbox that often, possibly once a week, if that. I have unsubscribed from all junk mail and I get all my bills via email. Today I was a more than annoyed when I opened my mailbox after a long hiatus and found it overflowing with political junk mail.

I decided right then and there that I would vote for the candidate that sent me the least amount of junk mail. And the one the didn't send me any will receive my ardent endorsement.

Do these political charlatans think that people are so dumb to believe in their junk mail? I don't know, maybe people are dumb. In my case, I filed their junk mail in the most fitting place I could find, the dumpster.

It's high time to vote for the right candidate, the one that sends no junk mail at all.

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