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Update: Stay On No-Cost Legacy G Suite

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Not sure what prompted me to do this, but today I decided to login to my free Legacy G Suite account to check if it was still alive.

My Legacy G Suite account is indeed still alive so next I looked around for any alerts regarding the forced upgrade to Google Workspace. There was a callout box about the transition path and clicking on that produced this:

At first I was a bit taken aback by the note about the automatic transition to the paid Google Workspace plan. Was Google going to silently start charging my credit card they have on file? Doubt Google would do that without sending at least a message or two in advance.

But the interesting part was the option at the bottom allowing me to opt out of the automatic transition and stay on the no-cost Legacy G Suite for personal use.

Seems like Google definitely received a decent amount of backlash over the forced migration of the free Legacy G Suite and decided to back off.

I, of course, opted to continue the free Legacy G Suite. The process did warn me a couple of times that this plan was only for personal use and some business oriented features may be removed. Understood.

Perhaps this is a triumph of sorts for those of us who were irritated at Google's decision to drop G Suite users unless they started paying. But this concession really isn't that exciting to me. 

I had already migrated my domain specific email addresses to Cloudflare's Email Routing and I'm not planning to return them to G Suite, which is what I mainly was using it for. Besides, who's to say Google won't try this stunt again?

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