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Did Elon Musk Suspend My Twitter App?

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This blog runs on WordPress and, as evident, it’s updated infrequently, like one or two new posts per month. There are only a handful of plugins installed on it and one is used to auto-submit new posts to my low-activity Twitter account, @hashemian. In fact, the only activity on my Twitter account is the new blog posts, which translates to one or two tweets per month.

In order for the auto-tweet plugin to do its job, I needed to register for an app on Twitter and then configure the plugin with the app credentials that Twitter had handed back to me. The Plugin had been working fine for years, until last month when I received a suspension email notice from Twitter. When I logged into the account I was greeted by this message:

Twitter App Violation

Say what? This blog doesn’t contain any controversial or outrageous posts so it was perplexing why Twitter had suspended the app. I followed the appeal procedure and sent a few messages in an attempt to find out what the violation was, why the app was suspended and how to restore it, but as many have found out, there was no response from Twitter, only silence.

Having failed to receive a response from Twitter, I’m left to determine for myself the cause of the suspension. The best reason I can come up with is that some time prior to the suspension I had muted Elon Musk’s forced tweet recommendations in my account and this was the consequence of my insolence.

Losing the app isn’t really a big deal to me. I’m not a huge social media person anyways. There are only a couple of reasons why I would even visit Twitter. One is when NASA is tweeting about some ongoing mission and another is when I have issues accessing a service such as online banking or a cloud app. A search of tweets can quickly show if an outage is widespread and if the company has posted any status updates. Even then, I got tired of seeing Elon Musk getting pushed on me, so I opted to mute him.

Mute Elon Musk

I have no feelings towards Elon Musk and don’t follow his antics, other than the unescapable headlines in my news stream. Obviously he didn’t target me personally for muting him. But I have a feeling he has instructed the workers at Twitter to run algorithms to subtly retaliate against any account who’d dare to slight him.

Guess in that case my only feeling towards him would be that he’s petty. For now, I’ll just manually tweet my new posts. We’ll see when my Twitter account is terminated for violating the ostensible top user agreement rule, that is, do not hurt Elon’s feelings 🙂

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