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Google Keep

by @ 5:02 pm
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Here comes a new service from Google called 'Keep'. It's basically a utility to create notes and task lists and access them from anywhere including one's smartphone. I suppose it is a reincarnation of the old Google Notebook.

Many have dubbed Keep the Evernote killer. Probably an over-reaction, but I don't use Evernote. Years ago I created a service, PADFLY, that is a basic public online notepad. Nothing fancy, but what it does, it does well and it has a decent number of users, myself included. I doubt Keep will kill PADFLY 🙂

For now Keep seems to be a no-frills but functional utility as a part of Google Drive and I'll probably use it from my computer and my Android phone. As for its longevity, one can only guess. Google hasn't exactly been reliable with its products as evident by the recent sudden decommissioning of Reader.

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