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The Dollar-drums

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The Dollar-drums

the dollar gyrations has got me worried about our future prospects in this country (usa). in this global economy, it's no longer how many dollars you have, but how much can you get for your dollars.

the euro continues to show definitive and resilient strength against the dollar. word has it that the street currency peddlers in third world black markets are shifting their businesses from dollar to euro. while the news is that foreigners are investing in this country (usa) at a fast clip, somehow i don't get a feeling that it's helping. they are probably just piling on assets because they can buy things real cheap.

don't listen to the politicians. they are, by nature, deceitful and fake. when the dollar is strong they gloat about the strength of the US economy. when the dollar is weak, they claim that it helps businesses domestically by boosting exports and curtailing imports. even with the weak dollar, the US continues to carry a sizeable monthly trade deficit and the budget deficit is in the stratosphere.

so, what's the small guy to do? diversification is always key. these include investing in global commodities such as precious metals (or companies that operate in that field, such as mining companies), companies that do business internationally, a mixture of domestic and foreign companies (plenty of funds that play both sides of the table) or investing part of the assets in other currency denominations. everbank is a one of the better known institutions that let small-timers (you and me) save their money in other currencies, such as euro.

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