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Building New PHP 7.3 on Old Fedora 14 Linux

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I have mentioned before this server runs on old hardware and Fedora Core 14. That’s a 9-year-old OS which in terms of software, it’s like 3 times its life expectancy at this point. Fedora is almost on version 31 now. Keeping old OS around can be real hassle, but then again so is updating and — Continue reading »

Greece in Turkey

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On a recent trip to Turkey I was astounded to find amazing Greek ruins in the Pamukkale area. That area is famous for its lime-deposited white hills and travertines, but what I found even more interesting were the Greek ruins beyond the hills and the spring-heads. We sometimes forget how vast the Greek empire was — Continue reading »

Amazon and Walmart

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I don't know what the traders were really expecting when Amazon reported losses two weeks ago. It's the same broken record for the past 20 years. Trust us, we are investing in the future. The future is an awesome alibi because it's always in the, well, future. It'll never come. So the stock has been sliding since the earnings (or — Continue reading »

Sparkling Eiffel Tower

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During a recent trip to Paris, I had the chance to visit the iconic Eiffel tower several times and even walk up the stairs to the second level where I had some amazing views of Paris from all directions. I also visited the Eiffel tower one night and was treated to a beautiful light show. — Continue reading »

2013 NYC Marathon Road Closures

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Took me some time on Google to find out about the road closures during the 2013 New York City marathon. Head on over to Gridlock Sam for that info. Figured another entry for this post in the Google index maybe helpful to those searching for this info. Good luck to the runners. — Continue reading »

iUniverse, eBooks, and Copyright

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back in June 2012 I received an email from iUniverse regarding my book, Financial Markets For The Rest Of Us. In that email iUniverse, my book's publisher, proudly exclaimed that they have converted my book to the EPUB format and have submitted it to multiple sites. Here's an excerpt: We are glad to inform you — Continue reading »

$231,000 Star Trek Rifle

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A rifle prop from the original Star Trek pilot was recently sold by an auction house for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Normally I would scoff at such excesses, but then this is Star Trek. If I had that kind of disposable money, I would probably splurge quite a bit on the Star — Continue reading »

German court bans male circumcision

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Nothing like baby penis mutilation to bring Jews and Muslims together. Kudos to this court for banning baby circumcision. Religious Rite? -Feel free to cut it off when you're an adult and can make a free choice. Infection prevention? -How about general hygiene? HIV prevention? -Ever heard of a condom? German court bans male circumcision, — Continue reading »

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