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Why did you write about Jesus?

by @ 11:13 pm
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Fox network never ceases to be amusing, specially with the women they hire.

Fox woman: as a Moslem why did you write about Jesus?
Author: I didn't write it as a Moslem , but as a scholar.
Fox woman: but you are a Moslem , why did you write about Jesus?
Author: I have a PhD in religious studies, it's an academic book. My religion is irrelevant.
Fox woman: but as a Moslem why did you write about Jesus?
Author: I have done research on many religions, including Christianity. That gives me the basis to write this book.
Fox woman: as a Moslem why did you write about Jesus?

Belgian twins choose euthanasia

by @ 11:26 am
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Is there a right more precious than the freedom to choose what to do with one's own life? Here's the case of twins who decided to end their lives, rather than face a cruel and torturous life ahead.

Disagree if you want, choose a different path if it happens to you, but keep yourself and your beliefs to yourself.

And if you are the type that actually enjoys seeing people suffer and squirm against their wishes before your imaginary sky friend finally decides they have had enough, psychopathic therapy would be strongly recommended for you.

Prostitution, So What?

by @ 7:00 pm
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Once again the American legal hypocrisy rears its ugly head to punish a bunch of adults for doing something it should be no one's business. (‘Zumba Madam’ Allegedly Used Maine Dance Studio As Brothel and Made Videos of Customers - The Daily Beast.)

A group of men up in Maine paid for sex and now the law up there will reveal their names dragging them and their families in the mud? It's high time for people to demand that the dumb law be stricken from the books. What's next, outing people for surfing porn, or gawking at bikini models?

This is about adults engaging in consented activity. Like men don't pay for sex one way or another, be it dinner and a movie, or an engagement ring, or putting half of their assets on the line.

If gays could come out of the closet and not be ashamed of who they are,  why not sex workers and their clients? Then who cares if their names get published. It'll be like outing people for buying pizza.

For the record, I am totally in favor of regulated and taxed sex industry, and while we're at it, the same for mild drugs like pot or opium. Go ahead you hypocrites, publish my name in every newspaper in the nation, see if I care.

German court bans male circumcision

by @ 11:00 pm
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Nothing like baby penis mutilation to bring Jews and Muslims together. Kudos to this court for banning baby circumcision.

Religious Rite?
-Feel free to cut it off when you're an adult and can make a free choice.

Infection prevention?
-How about general hygiene?

HIV prevention?
-Ever heard of a condom?

German court bans male circumcision, sparks outrage among Jews, Muslims

Rev. Graham: 'God has forgiven me of my sins'

by @ 3:10 pm
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"All I know is I’m a sinner, and that God has forgiven me of my sins." says Rev. Franklin Graham.

It's true. God whispers that in his ears every night. He also tells him that Obama is a Moslem and is hell-bound.

Thank you reverend for sharing such spiritual revelations with us. Now where do I send the check?

Rev. Graham: Obama seen as 'son of Islam'.

Judgment Day Lessons

by @ 9:42 pm
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The purported judgment day on May 21, 2011 came and went with nary a soul being lifted into heaven, a dead body being thrown out of a grave, or Jesus descending down on earth to do whatever it is Jesus does. There was a volcano eruption and some small follow-up quakes. So it appears that even if God had the will, he didn't have the might to pull off the big event.

In a weird way I'll miss Harold Camping of Family radio, the persona behind the failed doomsday prediction. I loved listening to his radio program, Open Forum, for a number of years. It was almost a self-challenge. Can I listen to him without being influenced or deceived?

He left no wiggle room around his forecast. It was absolutely going to happen. He was so sure of himself, that he wouldn't even entertain questions regarding May 22, 2011. He'd chastise people who inquired, reminding them may 22nd will only be the second day of judgment and nothing else. Ironically he would admonish his listeners to cast aside pride and arrogance, while he was steeped in them himself.

No doubt he'll be back with a new rapture date. People have short memories, but things won't be quite the same. For one he's older now and may not live to see that date and this past campaign was a colossal flop, considering how long and wide the false prophesy traveled.

The point with Camping is that in reality he's no different than any other preachers or prophets, past or present. If you were scoffing at him, think about what your own beliefs are. Perhaps you believe in some supreme being who communicated with prophets and left behind a sacred book. You may believe in heaven and hell, and in an evil character called Satan. Do any of these beliefs make any more sense than what Camping was preaching?

In some ways Camping was admirable and courageous for declaring something concrete within his religion. He set a an actual date as proof that the Bible really was sent from his God. Now that his evidence has been debunked, we can say that the Bible is but a book written by people and not some divine being. Other religions are too smart to make such statements. They just dance around generalities without giving any concrete evidence. That keeps them a safe distance from the truth-seekers while they continue to brainwash newcomers and collect their monies.

People should have been rid of religion years ago, but the money-making enterprise is too powerful to slip away quietly. And with so many religions to chose from, anyone can pick their favorite flavor of superstition. There are as plentiful as rock bands and ice cream flavors. I am not suggesting throwing religions away completely. On the contrary, they should be kept and preserved as historical documents and events that shaped our lives for good or bad.

There was a time when ordinary people needed religion as a crutch, a guide, and a moral compass. It eased them into a sense of security, a sort of a defense mechanism to tackle the bewilderment they suffered by all sorts of unexplainable events around them. That time has long passed and we no longer need fabricated answers to our questions. We've learned to cope with unexplained events and understand that not everything must have an easy-to-digest answer. Religion no longer deserves its holy and sacred position among us. What it deserves is a historical status like many other things from our past.

The sentiment is best summed up by Captain Kirk, reasoning with an ancient God. "We've outgrown you. You ask for something we can no longer give." He retorts to Apollo. (Star Trek, TOS, Who Mourns for Adonais?)


by @ 3:52 pm
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Well, the May 21, 2011 rapture didn't happen. No judgments, no earthquakes, no zombies, and no Jesus. A bunch of blokes got "caught up" in the frenzy and wasted time and money, but economically speaking, the bogus prediction might have had a positive effect after all. Here's a short list of the favorable impacts of rapturonomics:

- It didn't happen on a workday, so no wasted company time checking websites for earthquakes and body-snatching news.

- Family radio and its affiliates paid a lot of advertising money to various outlets to get the message out. Making billboards, radio ads, stickers and placards, and printed literature create all sorts of primary and secondary jobs.

- Media companies covering the (non-)event relied on their employees to produce and broadcast the news. Those are real jobs.

- A variety of businesses for post-rapture services ranging from pet care to message delivery got positive attention.

- There were all kinds of rapture memorabilia sales, like t-shirts, mugs, and buttons.

- Rapture parties gave a nice boost to bars and beer companies.

See? That's not so bad. It's only doomsday if you treat it that way. And it turned out to be good for the economy. We should have a rapturonomics day every year. It'll blow away the cheesy independence day sales events 🙂

God vs. Science

by @ 11:33 pm
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Parts are taken from Dawkins' books and lectures, but they bear repeating.

God Hates Elizabeth Edwards - Wonderful

by @ 10:17 pm
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Elizabeth Edwards once said:

"I don't believe that we should live our lives that way for some promise of eternal life, but because that's what's right. We should do those things because that's what's right."

This woman was as courageous as she was honest. Not even the specter of death shook her conviction that the imaginary power in the sky is just, well, imaginary. A life lived well is not about serving an invisible and unsubstantiated force, but it's about doing the right things and aspiring to attain one's highest moral and ethical potential.

Indeed, when the vile Westboro Baptist Church pickets a funeral as they have decided to in Elizabeth Edward's case, she must have been a noble human being to have earned that honor. I can only hope that god will hate me too when I die and the Westboro imbeciles will picket my funeral. No honor can be greater.

Evangelist Exonerates BP

by @ 8:19 pm
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God of BPSo apparently the oil rig explosion and the subsequent oil leak wasn't BP's fault at all. According to the evangelist, Hal Lindsey, god did that to avenge the softening of US support for Israel. Guess that clears everything up for BP. Even better, BP should use that fact as it defends itself against the mountain of lawsuits. The BP church was simply doing god's work.

Apparently god is real annoyed and angry these days. Recently in Iran a cleric declared that earthquakes are God's punishment for women not covering up properly. Pretty much all accidents and disasters, man-made or natural, are now being attributed to god and his wrath.

I have a car accident, it's god. I lose a sock, it's god. I forget a meeting, it's god. Hang nail? Well it must be god. Can someone please put god on Prozac?

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