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God vs. Science

by @ 11:33 pm
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Parts are taken from Dawkins' books and lectures, but they bear repeating.

God Hates Elizabeth Edwards - Wonderful

by @ 10:17 pm
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Elizabeth Edwards once said:

"I don't believe that we should live our lives that way for some promise of eternal life, but because that's what's right. We should do those things because that's what's right."

This woman was as courageous as she was honest. Not even the specter of death shook her conviction that the imaginary power in the sky is just, well, imaginary. A life lived well is not about serving an invisible and unsubstantiated force, but it's about doing the right things and aspiring to attain one's highest moral and ethical potential.

Indeed, when the vile Westboro Baptist Church pickets a funeral as they have decided to in Elizabeth Edward's case, she must have been a noble human being to have earned that honor. I can only hope that god will hate me too when I die and the Westboro imbeciles will picket my funeral. No honor can be greater.

Evangelist Exonerates BP

by @ 8:19 pm
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God of BPSo apparently the oil rig explosion and the subsequent oil leak wasn't BP's fault at all. According to the evangelist, Hal Lindsey, god did that to avenge the softening of US support for Israel. Guess that clears everything up for BP. Even better, BP should use that fact as it defends itself against the mountain of lawsuits. The BP church was simply doing god's work.

Apparently god is real annoyed and angry these days. Recently in Iran a cleric declared that earthquakes are God's punishment for women not covering up properly. Pretty much all accidents and disasters, man-made or natural, are now being attributed to god and his wrath.

I have a car accident, it's god. I lose a sock, it's god. I forget a meeting, it's god. Hang nail? Well it must be god. Can someone please put god on Prozac?

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