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Evangelist Exonerates BP

by @ 8:19 pm
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God of BPSo apparently the oil rig explosion and the subsequent oil leak wasn't BP's fault at all. According to the evangelist, Hal Lindsey, god did that to avenge the softening of US support for Israel. Guess that clears everything up for BP. Even better, BP should use that fact as it defends itself against the mountain of lawsuits. The BP church was simply doing god's work.

Apparently god is real annoyed and angry these days. Recently in Iran a cleric declared that earthquakes are God's punishment for women not covering up properly. Pretty much all accidents and disasters, man-made or natural, are now being attributed to god and his wrath.

I have a car accident, it's god. I lose a sock, it's god. I forget a meeting, it's god. Hang nail? Well it must be god. Can someone please put god on Prozac?

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