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Live Long And Prosper Spock

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In my native country of Iran during the pre-Islamic-revolution times, the television, rife with American films, was a window into the western culture, specially the American culture, for most people. But Star Trek was something else. It wasn't so much a glimpse of the western culture than it was the promise of what humanity could — Continue reading ยป

$231,000 Star Trek Rifle

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A rifle prop from the original Star Trek pilot was recently sold by an auction house for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Normally I would scoff at such excesses, but then this is Star Trek. If I had that kind of disposable money, I would probably splurge quite a bit on the Star — Continue reading ยป

Voyager 1 and Earth-like Planet

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A pair of interesting space stories today. Voyager1 launched in 1977 is now 11 billion miles away from earth. It's in an area thought to be the final barrier between the solar system and the inner-stellar space which is outside the sun's sphere of influence. Who knows what sorts of stuff lie beyond the barrier — Continue reading ยป

Judgment Day Lessons

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The purported judgment day on May 21, 2011 came and went with nary a soul being lifted into heaven, a dead body being thrown out of a grave, or Jesus descending down on earth to do whatever it is Jesus does. There was a volcano eruption and some small follow-up quakes. So it appears that — Continue reading ยป

Star Trek tricorder challenge

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trekkies like myself might be called geeks and dorks but that show is probably responsible for more progress in the world than faraday and newton. what other means have excited so many people to pursue careers in engineering? or even politics or botany? now comes the x prize challenge to create a similar device as — Continue reading ยป

Star Trek on YouTube

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The fact that YouTube has a number of the original Star Trek series is pretty cool for geeks like me who grew up on the series. This one below shows an upload date of over 43 years ago. You think Roddenberry was time-travelling and uploading them to YouTube then? ๐Ÿ™‚ ARPANET deployment was still a — Continue reading ยป

Pavel Chekov Real Tragedy

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Today I saw Walter Koenig in a news conference surrounding his son's suicide. What struck me was how old Koenig actually looked. Of course he looks just fine for his age, but to me Pavel Chekov (the character Koenig played on the original Star Trek series) should always be the young officer with a funny — Continue reading ยป

Back! to Jogging

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Those who know me (there aren't too many) know that running is an addiction of mine. But just like any addiction there comes a time when a man must realize when to quit. In the immortal words of Dirty Harry, "A man's got to know his limitations." That limitation hit me in the back with — Continue reading ยป

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