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Voyager 1 and Earth-like Planet

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A pair of interesting space stories today.

Voyager1 launched in 1977 is now 11 billion miles away from earth. It's in an area thought to be the final barrier between the solar system and the inner-stellar space which is outside the sun's sphere of influence. Who knows what sorts of stuff lie beyond the barrier or if the spacecraft will be able to transmit anything once the barrier is crossed.

Also discovery of a new planet was confirmed orbiting its sun in the so-called Goldilocks zone where liquid water and therefore life become possibilities. It's about 600 light-years away which means if we're being observed from there right now, they see the Forbidden City being completed in China and the Ottoman empire in its infancy.

Now just imagine if Voyager ever makes it to this planet and the aliens scratch their heads (if they have fingers or even heads) trying to figure it out. It'll be their version of a UFO I suppose. We'll never know of course. Even if Voyager was headed towards the planet, it'll be some 300,000 years before it'll arrive. By then, humans are either gone as a race or perhaps morphed into different beings.

As a kid I marveled at these types of news, imagining myself aboard a spaceship visiting far-flung worlds. Now that I'm an adult, well, I still imagine myself aboard that spaceship.

Blame it on Star Trek 🙂


Voyager Spacecrafts

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Heliosphere and Voyager Locations

It's astonishing to think how far from home both Voyager crafts have travelled, nearly 10.5 billion miles. Equally amazing is the fact that both crafts are still working and in communication with Earth. Of course at that distance, it takes messages over a half a day to reach them and another half a day for their responses to reach Earth.

Recently Voyager 2 has been sending back garbled messages, prompting some to think that the problem is related to the age of the spacecraft. But the issue could also be the result of proximity to the Heliopause, a theoretical boundary at the edge of the Solar System that may have a turbulent nature.

Whatever the case, I think it'll be hundreds, if not thousands of years before humans can unravel some of these mysteries and uncover some of these unknowns. Too bad we won't be around to witness these great discoveries. But I must say the specter of what discoveries lie ahead, makes today's world issues seem so petty and insignificant. Meanwhile check out Voyager 2 tweets.

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