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YouTube Sleep Aid

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I was reading about interesting winter apps in a magazine and one mentioned was a fireplace app, so I wondered if there was a fireplace video on YouTube. That was the proverbial Pandora's box. The search led to dozens of fireplace videos ofΒ varying lengths but then it further expanded to thousands of videos of other — Continue reading Β»

YouTube Disable-Annotation Broken

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I've never liked annotations on YouTube videos. They are more annoying than useful, so I had my account configured to never show them by unchecking the box as shown below. But recently YouTube has been ignoring this setting and the only way to shut off annotations is from the Settings icon on every playback, Quite — Continue reading Β»

YouTube Collection - April 1

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As I started to watch the clip about YouTube collection I thought, wtf? Why would anyone order a DVD collection of all YouTube videos? As the April Fool's joke quickly dawned on me, I wondered how much data YouTube actually has and how many DVD's it will fit on. I certainly have no idea, but — Continue reading Β»

Google Vs. Netflix

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youtube, google's video site, is beginning to beef up its roster of movies, adding some big productions too, like inception. netflix shouldn't worry quite yet. youtube's list isn't as extensive and its pricing not as competitive. but when google starts to muscle in on a market, it won't be wise to ignore it either. Google’s — Continue reading Β»

Star Trek on YouTube

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The fact that YouTube has a number of the original Star Trek series is pretty cool for geeks like me who grew up on the series. This one below shows an upload date of over 43 years ago. You think Roddenberry was time-travelling and uploading them to YouTube then? πŸ™‚ ARPANET deployment was still a — Continue reading Β»

Friend BP on YouTube

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Just happened to see this ad on YouTube. Don't get it. I wasn't BP's friend before, why would I want to be their friend now? What's next, friending Bin Laden and Kim Jong-il?        — Continue reading Β»

YouTube Search Stories Video Creator

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Found this new toy on YouTube today that lets you create a video on the fly, kind of. It's called Search Stories Video Creator. Basically you give it a number of search terms and set the target search engines to some of Google's properties, like web search, news search, or Google maps. Click a button — Continue reading Β»

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