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Resize/Scale/Zoom Image or Photo Dimensions in Browser

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I don’t recall if Picasa, the predecessor to Google Photos, had a way to shrink or enlarge photos, but Google Photos doesn’t have this feature. By shrink or enlarge I don’t mean changing the file size, I mean actually changing the dimensions of the entire photo, as in its height and width. For example, changing — Continue reading »

Google Fail - Critical security alert - Someone knows your password

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A few days ago I received an ominous email from Google. It came with the subject line: Critical security alert, and the heading: Someone knows your password. The email body explained, Google has become aware that someone else knows your password, and we've taken steps to protect your account. Please sign back into your account — Continue reading »

Google Finance Unusable Design

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Sometimes one wonders if giant companies like Google ever think about their end users when they redesign their properties. One such case is Google's recent redesign of their financial site, Google Finance. There are plenty of sites around for people to track their stock portfolios, real or imaginary. But if you are a Google user — Continue reading »

Facebook Like, The Big Fake

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Earlier this year this insightful article delved into the business of click farming where people and businesses (and apparently even the US government) pay shady companies a modest fee for thousands of Facebook likes, or Twitter followers, or YouTube views. Only that these likes and clicks are generated by click farms, either malware robots and — Continue reading »

Food on Google

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I'm not a health nut but I do run regularly and enjoy eating healthy food. I don't know a vegetable or fruit that I don't like, a trait inherited from my late father. Sometimes I like to look up the nutrition info on a banana or broccoli just for fun and now Google has made — Continue reading »

Oracle's Java Bet

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A couple of weeks ago a judge finally ruled that Google hadn't violated any patents when it used the Java programming language in its Android OS. Good, finally someone wasn't intimidated by Larry Ellison and ruled based on logic rather than emotion. Word has it that the judge actually took some time to learn Java — Continue reading »

Kudos to Google

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My admiration to Google for standing up for what's right. Even in the face of Chinese retaliation, Google has gone public with the revelation that the hacking activity of Gmail accounts had a Chinese connection. The allegations are as of yet uncorroborated, but Google deserves much credit for standing up to China when there's evidence of wrong-doing. We'll see how far Google is willing to go on — Continue reading »

Google Vs. Netflix

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youtube, google's video site, is beginning to beef up its roster of movies, adding some big productions too, like inception. netflix shouldn't worry quite yet. youtube's list isn't as extensive and its pricing not as competitive. but when google starts to muscle in on a market, it won't be wise to ignore it either. Google’s — Continue reading »

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