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Man outsources coding to China

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Love this story. Software developers are certainly infamous for being lazy. Most of us are, and that drives us to write code to automate things or write utilities to give to others to perform certain tasks. It's all about finding clever ways to make things easier for us and our employers. But one guy took — Continue reading »

Block China Web Traffic

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Sometimes I'm so tempted to to do this: Block China Web Traffic IP Addresses and Chinese Hackers. Of course if everyone blocked everyone else indiscriminately that would go against the spirit of the Internet. What's needed is for the ISPs to get off their lazy and greedy butts and block attacks at their sources. Certainly a bunch of — Continue reading »

Kudos to Google

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My admiration to Google for standing up for what's right. Even in the face of Chinese retaliation, Google has gone public with the revelation that the hacking activity of Gmail accounts had a Chinese connection. The allegations are as of yet uncorroborated, but Google deserves much credit for standing up to China when there's evidence of wrong-doing. We'll see how far Google is willing to go on — Continue reading »

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