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Windows MySQL Full Backup Batch Script With Compression And Versioning

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We have a Windows Server running multiple WordPress sites on MySQL. We've always relied on plugins such as BackWPup to handle backups. But because multiple users have access to and maintain these sites, it's difficult to make sure that the backup plugins remain untouched and continue to function properly. For that reason I decided to — Continue reading Β»

Migrating To Cloud, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare

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When I started this site decades ago, I followed the usual path at that time to launch sites, shared hosting. There were many vendors to choose from but nothing like the quantity and diversity of what’s available today. I registered the domain, settled on a small vendor for $5/month, got my cPanel and terminal login — Continue reading Β»

What The Linux Ghost Bug Teaches

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A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that a known Linux bug, Ghost (short-ish for the gethostbyname() function in the older glibc library versions) is riskier than previously thought. So the internet became abuzz with warnings to those who might not have updated their Linux distros. I have several versions of Fedora running on — Continue reading Β»

PHP - echo'ing String Fragments Using Periods Vs. Commas

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One of the mysteries of PHP's echo function is the supposed equal treatment of multiple strings separated by periods (.) vs. those separated by commas (,). Actually echo is a language construct, but I digress. In both cases echo appears to concatenate the string fragments and output the resulting string. In actuality, the period is — Continue reading Β»

Klaatu-Barada-Nikto, The Original Ctrl-Alt-Del

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I was watching the classic 1951 movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and found it amusing that the command Klaatu-Barada-Nikto given to the robot Gort by actress Patricia Neal, almost had the same effect as Ctrl-Alt-Del has on many computers today. In that scene, the robot was on the verge of rampaging and destroying — Continue reading Β»

Linux Shellshock Bash Bug Workaround

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The warnings about the shellshock bash bug are ominous and not unfounded. This is perhaps a greater risk than Heartbleed. Here are the gory details of this bug. To test your system for this bug run the following command from the shell: $ env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a — Continue reading Β»

Apple Hitting Lows

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Apple shares hit a 52-week nearing $400/share today, even below some of the price points from when Steve Jobs was alive. The news surrounding AppleΒ isn'tΒ very rosy. iPhone continues to lose market share to Google's Android, iTunes is losing market share to Amazon, and the PC/laptop markets are shrinking in general dragging Apple down along the — Continue reading Β»

Man outsources coding to China

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Love this story. Software developers are certainly infamous for being lazy. Most of us are, and that drives us to write code to automate things or write utilities to give to others to perform certain tasks. It's all about finding clever ways to make things easier for us and our employers. But one guy took — Continue reading Β»

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