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Sneaky Ads in Email Inbox

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There was a time, not so long ago, when a sizeable portion of online advertising was a slimy business. Websites had popups, pop-unders, hidden click layers, gateway pages, and many more tricks we have forgotten about. Thatโ€™s a good thing that we canโ€™t remember so many of those deceptive practices. It means the industry has — Continue reading ยป

Remote Desktop Keyboard Malfunction Solution

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I connect to the office often via Remote Desktop (RDP) from my Windows 7 machine at home. Most of the time this works fine but sometimes the keyboard goes insane when on the remote machine. A few keys work, some don't work at all, others cause strange behavior like closing windows or randomly opening new — Continue reading ยป

Windows 10 Disappearing Start Menu Mystery

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I have Windows 10 Pro Technical Review installed on a virtual machine at work and all was going swimmingly until the updates came along a while back and pushed it to Build 9926. That was the end of the Start menu, it just vanished. I made a bunch settings and config changes as advised by — Continue reading ยป

Klaatu-Barada-Nikto, The Original Ctrl-Alt-Del

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I was watching the classic 1951 movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and found it amusing that the command Klaatu-Barada-Nikto given to the robot Gort by actress Patricia Neal, almost had the same effect as Ctrl-Alt-Del has on many computers today. In that scene, the robot was on the verge of rampaging and destroying — Continue reading ยป

Microsoft Wants 20,000 More But 18,000 Less

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Can anyone speculateย what Microsoft is doing these days? Never mind the lack of focus that is so obvious in their products and strategies, but apparently dementia has hit the core of the company as well. It wasn't even 2 years ago thatย ย Microsoft was throwing fits like a child toย raise the H1B visa limits because it — Continue reading ยป

Outlook is Private - Really!

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Logging into my Hotmail/Outlook account this morning I was greeted with this message touting the benefits of Outlook. They saved the best for last, claiming that "Outlook is private". Talk about false advertising.   It was barely a week ago when news leaked that Microsoft had snooped on an employee's Hotmail account while investigating a — Continue reading ยป

Windows Blue

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Speculation is running rampant that Windows Blue, the successor to the much hated Windows 8 will see the return of the Start button, as well as other improvements. I'm still a happy XP user at home and at work I use Windows 7 which I equally like. Having seen the strangeness of Windows 8, I — Continue reading ยป

Google Powered by ASP.NET

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Ok, it's not goggle.com or one of the more well-known google sites but the site survey.googleratings.com is powered by Microsoft's IIS running ASP.NET. I only noticed this after I received an Adsense survey invitation with a link ending in .aspx. I wouldn't be surprised if the survey results are stored in an SQL Server database. — Continue reading ยป

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