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Patents attack Android

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I'm not naive to the point of believing that Google is all good and no evil, but in this case I side with Google. What the big patent trolls like Oracle and Apple and Microsoft are doing by burying Android in lawsuits and threats is stifling innovation and taking away choice from consumers. I'm all — Continue reading ยป

Internet Explorer IQ

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Tying browser usage to intelligence makes as much sense as linking hair color to sleeping habits. No doubt someone will come up with that study at some point too. So going by this study, a few years back 90% of the world was stupid and suddenly most people smartened up by switching away from IE. — Continue reading ยป

Microsoft's Fate and DEC

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In this thought-provoking article titled, "Will Microsoft Learn DEC's Lesson?", the author makes a great comparison between the current state of affairs at Microsoft and the once mighty DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) headed by the late Ken Olsen. I don't know how old the author is and if he remembers the glory days of DEC, — Continue reading ยป

Apple Passes Microsoft

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It's hard to believe, but today Apple's market cap of $222B is larger than that of Microsoft which finished at $219B. That makes Apple the biggest Tech company on the block today. Microsoft will probably reclaim the top spot tomorrow, but Steve Jobs must be happy to have surpassed its old nemesis. And Google? Today — Continue reading ยป

Microsoft Office Live Ends Free Domain

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About a year or two back when Microsoft was offering a free domain name with their Office Live product, I had signed up with some throw-away domain name to test it. The experience was less than impressive, far less, so I just forgot about the whole thing. I was recently reminded of the domain name — Continue reading ยป

IE8 and JScript / WSH Bug

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Had a hell of a time chasing an inexplicable and sudden crash in one of my JScript programs last week. In the end Internet Explorer 8 was the culprit. Thankfully removing IE8 is simply done via the Control Panel and it's rolled back to the previously installed one. Guess we have fair-competition rulings to thank — Continue reading ยป

Oracle and Bing

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Oracle has already bagged the U.S. regulatory approval to acquire Sun. If the Europeans go along as well, Sun will become a part of Oracle by September. That means Oracle will also own Java, the popular open source programming language used widely on the Web. Today while installing a Java upgrade I was presented with — Continue reading ยป

Google or Bing

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Microsoft is nothing if not persistent. Last week the company unveiled the latest incarnation of its search engine called Bing. I don't know, but this is probably the 5th iteration of the company's attempt to force itself onto the psyche of the net searchers. You've got to give Microsoft credit for trying. Squeezed by the — Continue reading ยป

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