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Apple Hitting Lows

by @ 12:36 pm
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Apple shares hit a 52-week nearing $400/share today, even below some of the price points from when Steve Jobs was alive. The news surrounding Apple isn't very rosy. iPhone continues to lose market share to Google's Android, iTunes is losing market share to Amazon, and the PC/laptop markets are shrinking in general dragging Apple down along the way. Analysts aren't predicting a good quarterly report next week.

Now I admit to not being an Apple fan but the one force that was keeping the company firing on all cylinders was Steve Jobs and that is undeniable. When he was there the first time, the company was doing exceptionally well, when he was forced out Apple became a dud, then he returned and Apple came roaring back.

Now Jobs is gone once again and Apple continues on the momentum that he brought with him but that momentum is naturally wearing off. Jobs was a genius and a visionary and it is because of him that Apple has continued to do well much longer than I had anticipated. But eventually the vacuum of vision and innovation must show its effects.

I do wish the company well, but companies don't thrive on well wishes. Jobs was the secret sauce behind the resurgence of Apple and without him the inevitable must now happen. Apple will no doubt survive, but thriving doesn't seem to be the cards.

Apple Discrimination

by @ 5:14 pm
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A few weeks ago my children dragged me into the local mall's Apple store, kicking and screaming where I bought them each a Macbook, a cheap Linux knock-off in a shiny skin.

I am a devout Apple-hater and have been so since 1988 when I had to write a LISP program on a Macintosh desktop. Nothing this company does or produces has ever looked remotely exciting or interesting to me and let's not even get started with the ridiculous prices. I personally own nothing from this company and am proud of that fact.

I could have bought my children very nice Windows laptops at a third of the price, but that wasn't an option. Apple seems to have plenty of people under its spell. They can sell them street garbage stamped with the bitten-apple image like it's some magical product from Venus.

Since Apple has the policy of not selling to Iranian-Americans, I just wonder where the Apple police was on the day I wasted my hard-earned money on their junk.

Apple sucks. Always has, and probably always will.

Steve Jobs Lessons

by @ 5:12 pm
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Plenty has been said about the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. I'm no Apple fan but I knew technology lost a leader when Jobs died. His passing reinforced a few truths I believe in life myself and here they are:

- Do what you're passionate about.
- You don't need a lot of people in your team, just the right people.
- Luck is an important determinant of success. Be ready when it comes along.
- Don't be afraid to start all over.
- Don't let success spoil you or failure ruin you.
- You are our own best competitor.
- Life is short and death doesn't discriminate.
- Life goes on after you're gone.

Amazon Spoils The Party

by @ 12:28 am
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Amazon.comI don't know, maybe it's poetic justice or just karma that Amazon should report disappointing results tonight with earnings well below estimates. Why? After I was labeled a cheater and was terminated from the Amazon Associates program, I had hoped for a little payback. I certainly did my part by vowing never to buy anything from Amazon and as much as I dislike Apple, rooting for iPad to crush Kindle.

Okay, enough vendetta venom. The fact is that Amazon does not have it as easy as it once did. Its marketplace is still solid, but poor economy and competition from the likes of eBay have been eroding its dominant position. Amazon's valuation is currently twice that of eBay.

Then, by Amazon's own admission, more people are buying digital editions rather than actual books. How can this be good news for Amazon? Such a shift to digital format lowers the barrier to entry for other competitors who would no longer need warehouses and shipping centers. Apple can start selling books for iPad right on the iTunes platform.

Finally, cloud computing hasn't turned out to be the golden goose it was once thought to be. Amazon certainly was a pioneer in cloud computing, but the early momentum has somewhat moderated now and competition from Microsoft and Google (which offers a free version) have probably had a dampening effect on Amazon platform's adoption rate.

Amazon shares are currently down some 10% in after-hours trading and it appears that its disappointing financial results will have a nauseating effect on the market on Friday. Even Microsoft's better-than-expected results may not be able to change that sour mood.

Apple iPhone 4 Free Cases

by @ 1:43 pm
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Apple had finally enough and it addressed the antenna Death Grip issue (Antennagate) last Friday.

In response to Apple's press conference promising free cases for all iPhone 4 users, I put together a tiny survey below to poll people's sentiments on that. Non iPhone 4 owners are welcome too.

Ok, I'm also testing Google Forms here. I'll probably get no responses at all 🙂

Google Down, Apple Up, BP Plugs

by @ 11:31 pm
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After missing the expected earnings and profits numbers, Google's shares are down 4% in after-hours trading. Apple's shares however are up by 1% in reverse sympathy.

Google Android is beginning to look like a real contender for Apple's ubiquitous iPhone, so the companies are now regarded as serious rivals. Bad news for one parlays into good news for the other.

With the options expiration tomorrow combined with the Google's earnings release, Apple's iPhone 4 antenna press conference, and BP's capping of the oil leak, the market should expect a busy and volatile day.

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More on Apple Stock Crash Prediction

by @ 10:25 pm
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Apple LogoWhen I posted this blog entry about Apple crashing to $45 a share, I didn't expect the company that made that prediction, BAM Investor, to contact me about it.

But that's just what the company did and I managed to have a phone chat with the company boss, JG Savoldi about his astonishing forecast.

You can read about it in my Reality Check column on Financial Tech Spotlight.

Disclaimer: Financial Tech Spotlight is one of the sister sites of TMCnet.com, a network of sites owned by my employer, TMC.

Apple to $45?

by @ 10:22 pm
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Apple LogoAccording to this article, citing a previously unknown investment/research company, BAM investor, Apple could fall to as low as $45/share within a few months based on their technical analysis.

Something tells me BAM investor needed a little publicity so they just dumped an outrageous claim on the wires and it received its due double-take. But can Apple really drop to $45/share from its current $270/share?

Sure it can. Anything is possible in the stock market. The DOW could also drop to 0, but chances of that happening is pretty low.

Apple has had a good (no, outstanding) run-up. Its out-sized market cap is based on a combination of optimism and momentum. No company can keep either factor going forever, so Apple, like many others will eventually face reality and its share price will get dragged into more realistic figures. That may be $100 or $120, but $45 just doesn't seem realistic. Yeah, it could happen but going by the same likelihood, it could hit $800.

Apple Passes Microsoft

by @ 12:04 am
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It's hard to believe, but today Apple's market cap of $222B is larger than that of Microsoft which finished at $219B. That makes Apple the biggest Tech company on the block today. Microsoft will probably reclaim the top spot tomorrow, but Steve Jobs must be happy to have surpassed its old nemesis.

And Google? Today its market cap stood at $151B. Still has a long way to go to catch up to the big guys. Don't shed any tears though, Google is much younger than the duo. It'll get there in due time.

Stock Market Drop

by @ 10:32 pm
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As I saw the market take a deep dive around 2:30 today my reaction was a mixture of fear and excitement. I'd never seen anything like this before. I saw Apple's stock take a nosedive to under $200 in a matter of minutes. There were red figures everywhere, almost as if a child was commandeering the market.

By the time the Dow had plunged by near a 1,000 points, I knew this was an irrational panic and that we would see a snap back. It happened fast. In just a few minutes the DJIA recovered 600 points in the wildest whipsaw I'd ever seen. Now I don't play the market as I once did. Too bad, I could have made a killing today playing a few option contracts - Could have, should have, would have.

Then again, if I had acted on my own feelings on Apple a couple of weeks ago, I'd be reaping some decent profits today anyways. But it doesn't matter, with the stock market there's always another day and another chance. Although we may not see volatility like this again for quite some time.

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