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Apple Hitting Lows

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Apple shares hit a 52-week nearing $400/share today, even below some of the price points from when Steve Jobs was alive. The news surrounding AppleΒ isn'tΒ very rosy. iPhone continues to lose market share to Google's Android, iTunes is losing market share to Amazon, and the PC/laptop markets are shrinking in general dragging Apple down along the — Continue reading Β»

Apple Discrimination

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A few weeks ago my children dragged me into the local mall's Apple store, kicking and screaming where I bought them each a Macbook, a cheap Linux knock-off in a shiny skin. I am a devout Apple-hater and have been so since 1988 when I had to write a LISP program on a Macintosh desktop. — Continue reading Β»

Steve Jobs Lessons

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Plenty has been said about the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. I'm no Apple fan but I knew technology lost a leader when Jobs died. His passing reinforced a few truths I believe in life myself and here they are: - Do what you're passionate about. - You don't need a lot of people — Continue reading Β»

Amazon Spoils The Party

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I don't know, maybe it's poetic justice or just karma that Amazon should report disappointing results tonight with earnings well below estimates. Why? After I was labeled a cheater and was terminated from the Amazon Associates program, I had hoped for a little payback. I certainly did my part by vowing never to buy anything — Continue reading Β»

Apple iPhone 4 Free Cases

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Apple had finally enough and it addressed the antenna Death Grip issue (Antennagate) last Friday. In response to Apple's press conference promising free cases for all iPhone 4 users, I put together a tiny survey below to poll people's sentiments on that. Non iPhone 4 owners are welcome too. Ok, I'm also testing Google Forms — Continue reading Β»

Google Down, Apple Up, BP Plugs

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After missing the expected earnings and profits numbers, Google's shares are down 4% in after-hours trading. Apple's shares however are up by 1% in reverse sympathy. Google Android is beginning to look like a real contender for Apple's ubiquitous iPhone, so the companies are now regarded as serious rivals. Bad news for one parlays into — Continue reading Β»

More on Apple Stock Crash Prediction

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When I posted this blog entry about Apple crashing to $45 a share, I didn't expect the company that made that prediction, BAM Investor, to contact me about it. But that's just what the company did and I managed to have a phone chat with the company boss, JG Savoldi about his astonishing forecast. You — Continue reading Β»

Apple to $45?

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According to this article, citing a previously unknown investment/research company, BAM investor, Apple could fall to as low as $45/share within a few months based on their technical analysis. Something tells me BAM investor needed a little publicity so they just dumped an outrageous claim on the wires and it received its due double-take. But — Continue reading Β»

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