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Apple to $45?

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Apple LogoAccording to this article, citing a previously unknown investment/research company, BAM investor, Apple could fall to as low as $45/share within a few months based on their technical analysis.

Something tells me BAM investor needed a little publicity so they just dumped an outrageous claim on the wires and it received its due double-take. But can Apple really drop to $45/share from its current $270/share?

Sure it can. Anything is possible in the stock market. The DOW could also drop to 0, but chances of that happening is pretty low.

Apple has had a good (no, outstanding) run-up. Its out-sized market cap is based on a combination of optimism and momentum. No company can keep either factor going forever, so Apple, like many others will eventually face reality and its share price will get dragged into more realistic figures. That may be $100 or $120, but $45 just doesn't seem realistic. Yeah, it could happen but going by the same likelihood, it could hit $800.

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