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Google Finance Unusable Design

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Sometimes one wonders if giant companies like Google ever think about their end users when they redesign their properties. One such case is Google's recent redesign of their financial site, Google Finance. There are plenty of sites around for people to track their stock portfolios, real or imaginary. But if you are a Google user — Continue reading Β»

Amazon's Windfall of ID Theft and Tax Fraud

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Seems unbelievable but I never knew some states actually issue tax refunds in the form of Amazon gift cards. Read article. With a long list of companies benefiting from tax refunds including Amazon, debit card issuers, tax software companies and financial institutions that collect transaction fees, one wonders if there is a real concerted effort — Continue reading Β»

Was Bitcoin a Fad?

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Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? Back then everyone thought pixel advertising was the future of web marketing. People went crazy over it, pixel sites popped up like weed, and then the whole thing faded away like it was never there. To me that is what bitcoin is. Sure, I have a few bitcoins and I'd — Continue reading Β»

Berkshire Hathaway Over $1.5 Million

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Way to go Google Finance, showing Berkshire Hathaway Class A sharesΒ up by over 900% at the close of the market today. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that. Warren Buffett probably thought: "My company is worth only $3 trillion?" Google has since fixed the quote. It's back to its actual value — Continue reading Β»

Amazon's Miss, Does it Matter?

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Last week Amazon reported an $0.18/share earnings on a lower than expected revenues for its past quarter. The shares seesawed after hours and finally ended down some $20 on Friday. The earnings were almost twice what the street had expected, but think about this, The street was expecting this company to earn a measly $40 — Continue reading Β»

Reforming alimony rules - Florida

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Finally the wheels of justice have begun to ever so slowly move towards logic and fairness. This time it is in the state of Florida. States are waking to the reality that alimony in many cases is but a racket perpetrated from one spouse on another and permanent alimony is a specially cruel form of — Continue reading Β»

Amazon's Gross Margin

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Much has been said about how Amazon's high stock price is unjustified. This morning my boss sent me a link that reminded me again how ridiculous Amazon's share price has gotten as of late. The article summed it up well by noting that if Apple were to have the same PE ratio as Amazon, its — Continue reading Β»

What's Facebook Worth?

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I can't possibly the only one who's had a perverse pleasure in seeing Facebook's stock slide after the much ballyhooed IPO. It's not like I wish the company bad fortune or dislike its boss, although I don't think much of Facebook as a product nor do I use it much. It's just that something so — Continue reading Β»

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