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The Ignoble End of AmazonSmile

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Iโ€™m not a huge fan of Amazon, given my past experience with the company but, as the largest retailer in the world, itโ€™s sometimes impossible or impractical to avoid it. The AmazonSmile program had made it more tolerable for me to, on occasion, order products from the smile.amazon.com URL instead of the customary www.amazon.com. At — Continue reading ยป

A Better Way to Fight Scam Calls

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The usual advice on handling scam calls has been to not answer unknown caller idโ€™s or hang up immediately and to not interact, lest the scammers will flag the number as live and will call it more often. However, a recent extensive study out of NC State has confirmed what Iโ€™d always suspected and that — Continue reading ยป

Bob Ross, The Master of Painting

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Life as a young man in college can be wild sometimes but one of my greatest memories of peace and tranquility was watching Bob Ross paint on the PBS program, The Joy of Painting. I don't know how I got hooked, but I loved The Joy of Painting from the first time I saw it — Continue reading ยป

Do Not Iron Your Shower Liner

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... and don't bleach or dryclean it either. While changing myย IKEA vinyl shower liner today, for some reason I noticed the back side of the package. It's weird already that IKEAย needs to warnย the consumer against machine washing/drying, bleaching, ironing, and drycleaning the $5 liner, but it's telling that only the US consumers are given these — Continue reading ยป

Lima, Peru

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A couple of photos from Lima, Peru where I visited earlier this year. Google's Picasa did a good job stitching a few photo fragments to make panoramic views. Click to see full size. The first one is right off the Lima coast inย the Mira Flores district. Surfers are visible in the Pacific. The second, a — Continue reading ยป

The Rio, Las Vegas

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A few shots of Las Vegas from the top of the Rio hotel where I rode their newly opened Voodoo zip line.                                                     — Continue reading ยป

Reforming alimony rules - Florida

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Finally the wheels of justice have begun to ever so slowly move towards logic and fairness. This time it is in the state of Florida. States are waking to the reality that alimony in many cases is but a racket perpetrated from one spouse on another and permanent alimony is a specially cruel form of — Continue reading ยป

Alimony Rethought

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Kudos to the New Jersey lawmakers for presenting a bill that would abolish permanent alimony. This is not a male/female issue. It's a fairness and common sense issue. Once a marriage is dissolved, the couple should be able to fairly divide up their assets and move on. Some form of temporary spousal support may be — Continue reading ยป

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