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The GDPR Mess

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With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) being in full force since May 25, 2018, one must assume that the privacy and security of users are now fully protected. I think it’s an understatement to call that claim an over-exaggeration. GDPR is a European regulation designed to protect the privacy of European citizens, giving them full — Continue reading Β»

PRISM, Spies, and Leaks

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While the US and much of the world is embroiled in the so-called scandal of US government spying on its citizens, I am left wondering why this is news at all? The Patriot Act enacted after September 11, 2001 was designed to do exactly that, spy on voice and data communications in the US. Yes — Continue reading Β»

Alimony Rethought

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Kudos to the New Jersey lawmakers for presenting a bill that would abolish permanent alimony. This is not a male/female issue. It's a fairness and common sense issue. Once a marriage is dissolved, the couple should be able to fairly divide up their assets and move on. Some form of temporary spousal support may be — Continue reading Β»

Jail Lodging @ $30/Night

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A new Nebraska jail has invited people to act as guinea pigs and test the facility. For $30 participants get a taste of being an inmate for one night plus a couple of meals. Proceeds go to charity. Strange but wish I could do this.Β Odd invitation from Nebraska jail: Spend the night for $30 — Continue reading Β»

Tech and sexism

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When I first read this story I thought the woman in the story was a self-serving, over-reacting simpleton. I still think she is, based on her own account of the events that led to her infantile reaction. So this woman overheard two guys at a tech conference make jokes about forking and dongles, both tech — Continue reading Β»

Amazon’s .book domain grab

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I'm not sure why anyone would see any reason behind Amazon's move to hoard a bunch of gTLDs (global top level domains), other than pure greed. In a recent open letter (PDF) to ICANN, Association of American Publishers rightfully opposed granting Amazon the control of the .book gTLD. It states: In short, Amazon makes clear — Continue reading Β»

Megaupload Injustice

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So the founder of Megaupload is back with another file-sharing service. Good for him and good for the millions of would be users who use such services. Let's reserve judgement on what Megaupload is allegedly guilty of but one thing is for sure, American media is but a means to corrupt and bend minds and — Continue reading Β»

Amazon, Target, and Showrooming

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Last week came the news that Target stores will no longer carry Amazon's Kindle readers. The bold move was basically a retaliatory reaction by Target to what is known as showrooming. Showrooming is how Amazon encourages its users to visit various physical stores, check out or even try out various merchandize and then go back — Continue reading Β»

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