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The GDPR Mess

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With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) being in full force since May 25, 2018, one must assume that the privacy and security of users are now fully protected. I think itโ€™s an understatement to call that claim an over-exaggeration. GDPR is a European regulation designed to protect the privacy of European citizens, giving them full — Continue reading ยป

Yahoo Mail Down Again

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It is hard to say anything positive about Yahoo since Marissa Mayer took over the helm. Useful services (e.g. Pipes) have either been eliminated or are just languishing (e.g. Mail). ย Today Yahoo Mail is down again. Alibaba's stake hasn't turned out to be the savior it was once deemed. At this point the stakeholders are — Continue reading ยป

Can Jet Beat Amazon?

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The idea behind Jet, a new online marketplace site, is simple. Borrowing from Costco's concept, Jet charges its clients an annual fee and in return ships products to customers with no mark-ups and in many cases with substantial savings over other shops, including Amazon. Being a Costco fan, I like Jet's model. Add to that — Continue reading ยป

Amazon Diapers To The Rescue

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When I opened my inbox last friday, an email from Amazon greeted me with the title: "Announcing Price Reductions for AWS Data Transfer and Amazon CloudFront" I wondered how Amazon was going to make up the difference in the face of stiff competition from other cloud vendors. Then I saw Amazon diapersย in the news and — Continue reading ยป

Amazon, The Emperor

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Take the usual quarterly loss, the upcoming Prime price-hike, and the UBS downgrade and you have the catalyst for a drop in amazon.com's shares in the past couple of days. Today however the stock is up over 2% and chances are it'll be back where it started and then some. Amazon is just one of — Continue reading ยป

AdSense, 10 Years Old and My 72-Hour Warning

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AdSense, Google's affiliate advertising product for publishers is 10 years old and I just received a warning from them that one of my sites, padfly.com, does not conform to their policies and I have 3 "working" days to clean it up or else they would block their ads on that site forever. Should I cheer — Continue reading ยป

Amazon's Miss, Does it Matter?

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Last week Amazon reported an $0.18/share earnings on a lower than expected revenues for its past quarter. The shares seesawed after hours and finally ended down some $20 on Friday. The earnings were almost twice what the street had expected, but think about this, The street was expecting this company to earn a measly $40 — Continue reading ยป

Apple Hitting Lows

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Apple shares hit a 52-week nearing $400/share today, even below some of the price points from when Steve Jobs was alive. The news surrounding Appleย isn'tย very rosy. iPhone continues to lose market share to Google's Android, iTunes is losing market share to Amazon, and the PC/laptop markets are shrinking in general dragging Apple down along the — Continue reading ยป

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